So I just learned about this "new" CSS ":target" pseudo-class. Except that it exists since Firefox 1, Chrome 1 and IE 9 😄

🌈 Quick Tip: Find out the number of your RSS subscribers from popular feed readers.

If you're used to Chrome's custom search engines by typing "keyword<space>query" into the address bar, this feature was changed to <tab> in latest release, which breaks my muscle memory. Fortunatelly, it can be changed in the settings (for now at least):

🌈 The latest Evaluatory release brings an HTML validator module and some more improvements.

🌈 A short post about dealing with focusable elements that are positioned outside a container's view

It's also the first post using my new cover image template 🙂

🌈 Quick Tip: Use a custom ESLint version in Create React App with yarn resolutions.

Developers: "HTML is for content. CSS is for styling. Separate your concerns."

Also developers:

I've been busy with some other projects, but today I finally released a new Dashboard version 🔥

After reading a tip from Stefan Judis about running shell examples with a leading $, here's my take from developer perspective:

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contains 78 success criteria. Learn one criteria each day with Tip of the Day:

Improving demo examples for my upcomming accessibility talk - now with interactive annotations 💡

Check the of any page by running "npx evaluatory"

Evaluatory is basically an axe-core wrapper, but a) it runs all checks at multiple breakpoints and b) it provides a visual HTML results page.

A new short post about using and enforcing LF line endings in Git repositories on Windows:

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