🌈 How accessible are personal blogs and portfolio websites? I've analyzed over 1600 personal sites and it turns out they're doing better than big popular websites. But there's still a lot of room for improvement.


I'm two posts away from reaching a new all-year high AND 50 articles overall. Great blogging year so far. 🔥✍️

🎉 New Evaluatory version available. This tool now uses Chromium by default, which makes the execution much faster and less error-prone. The browser is also configurable (Chromium, Firefox, Webkit).


I've updated my blog post on including comments on static websites. It's great to see so many projects being published: from traditional self-hosted or 3rd-party tools, to some newer decentralized approaches using the Matrix or IPFS protocols.


Imagine being a visually impaired person trying to apply to a university in Germany using uni-assist.de . You won't be able to even select the uni, as the select component is totally inaccessible. An actual blind student reported this issue, as she can't proceed. 😠

The community confirms what might seem obvious. Although the assistive technology keeps improving, it's mostly people creating the end products (developers, designers, ...) who have the highest impact on (web) accessibility.


🌈 Some of my productivity hacks to speed up the process of opening JIRA pages


So I just learned about this "new" CSS ":target" pseudo-class. Except that it exists since Firefox 1, Chrome 1 and IE 9 😄


🌈 Quick Tip: Find out the number of your RSS subscribers from popular feed readers.


If you're used to Chrome's custom search engines by typing "keyword<space>query" into the address bar, this feature was changed to <tab> in latest release, which breaks my muscle memory. Fortunatelly, it can be changed in the settings (for now at least): androidpolice.com/2021/02/04/c

🌈 The latest Evaluatory release brings an HTML validator module and some more improvements.


🌈 A short post about dealing with focusable elements that are positioned outside a container's view

It's also the first post using my new cover image template 🙂


🌈 Quick Tip: Use a custom ESLint version in Create React App with yarn resolutions.


Developers: "HTML is for content. CSS is for styling. Separate your concerns."

Also developers:

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