I didn't expect thousands of downloads for my 6-year-old just for fun plugin, let alone people creating pull requests 💖

But here we are: you can now get "valuable" commit messages through proxy connections: plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7

Today I've released a tool for creating accessible color palettes: github.com/darekkay/a11y-contr

I'll share a blog post soon 😊

I finally took my next steps by adding h-card and h-entry to my blog. I'll tackle webmentions next 🤓

I would really like to learn about all the benefits, but the low contrast ratio makes it barely readable

When you're choosing a UI framework for your next project, remember to check its out-of-the-box accessibility


I've joined the Profile README club and automated the process to display my latest blog posts 🎉 Here's a short write-up 👇️


🌈 Quick Tip: When you press the "Edit → Cut" shortcut without selecting anything, the whole line will be cut (works at least in and IDEs)

1. Google claims to have found "Mobile Usability issues" on my site
2. Checking the Search Console - no issues found
3. Trigger a new validation without changing a thing
4. Now suddenly there are no issues 🤷🏻

Just spreading some love for Functional at my local Software Craftmanship Community 😊

🌈 Quick Tip: In Firefox, you can "Shift + Right Click" to bypass a custom or disabled context menu. Try it out yourself: codepen.io/darekkay/pen/rNxxwz

Mastodon, Fediverse, IndieWeb — It's finally time for me to dive into the open web ideas 🌎️ Let's start the journey with a Mastodon profile 🙂


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