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This is my attempt to have a distribution for the end user that works and is fast.

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The other day I foudn this video about c++ and also this comic (sorry for linking twitter but is the best way to embed it)

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Oh look, some static typing!
See them code, watch them type.
How I hate those dumb generics!
How they give dreadful vibe!

I've got a little secret
That'll really make 'em cry!
It's a nasty kind of coding
From a special kind of guy!

[Instrumental break]

This code is made to order,
But it isn't to be typed.
When they open up this cpde,
Their brains sucked outside instead
By the most unpleasant place they've ever seen:
The Magic Labyrinth of Ja-va-script!

Very scary and confusing,
Destination of my choosing:
Magic Labyrinth of Ja-va-script!
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I can't tell you how much it delights me that zbus is at 1.0 now. This is a pure-#rust D-Bus crate by Zeeshan Ali.

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We've increased our site traffic by 1,800% without any paid advertising since the start of April.

We've now shared our top 10 referral sources and some details on each with the Indie Hackers community.

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Do you want to work on free and open source software as a full-time job? People ask me all the time how to find companies who might hire you for this, and I share this command line snippet:

git log -n100000 --format="%ae" | cut -d@ -f2 | sort -u | less

This will produce a list of email domains who are committing in a given git repo, which often corresponds pretty closely with the list of companies willing to hire you to work on that project and others like it.

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Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

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Didn't have notifications set up properly so I didn't see my message about (s)

I make content for and have some other random projects.

I've been a steady participant in for the past couple years.

The languages I'm the most familiar with are C, Lua, and Javascript.

I'm also completely new to social media like this. Enjoy

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I'll be doing some skulking around in The Dark Mod over at in about 15 minutes. Was a tough decision between that and Tomb of the Eaters but I'm in a sneaking mood today. See you in the chat!

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Show HN: I built a free, simple login service. Would you use this?

(submitted by benzguo)

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is a simple command line date and time calculator.

pdd (python3 date diff) is a small tool that can perform calculations on dates. pdd can add, subtract, and take the difference of two dates. pdd also supports a stopwatch and timer mode, as well as the ability to run a command when the timer is done.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: pdd

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Hi, I just moved from here.

Am a student, use, my #tuxedo Laptop runs Linux, I play openRA and my interests are data protection and privacy.

I am happy to discuss :mastodance: , play OpenRA. 💗the island of Sylt

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deZOOMify your digital life with these five open source video conferencing tools ➡️

Let's move our data away from big tech!

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Now Phosh 0.4.1 on postmarketOS, it keeps getting better every release :)

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Keybi | 65. DIY Mechanical keyboard, firmware based on the Nitrokey Pro source code:

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