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Choices are Good.

While in vanilla Mastodon world, getting an admin to consider allowing more than the miserable 500 characters maximum toot size is a Tall Order -- I tried a few times, and was denied almost always, in more Advanced places we see innovation and openness.

Was just surprised to find not the Usual TWO choices of Front Ends (user interfaces, or web clients) at one of the Pleroma instances I have accounts on.

At, admin @a1batross now has 4 (FOUR!) choices at your disposal.

Pick between :

Pleroma FE, high polish, and full featured.
Mastodon FE, the usual web client most mastodonians will feel at home in.

Plus -- and this is all his customizing :

Bloat FE
And the brand new SoapBox FE, which just released it's 1.0 version.

I had seen SoapBox at other instance and been impressed. And it's nice to see it now available at FAB, EMR, and probably other places too.

Congrats to @a1ba and @alex !

#SoapBox #Pleroma #Alternatives #Mastodon #UI #ux

#rgxJournal for notes, Blog page coming soon.

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This weeks major contribution is done:

Started on Sunday, and here we are. A working parsec flatpak.

Might not be for everyone but those who consider cloud gaming an option, this might be a nice addition.

You can see the full development history on my GitLab instance:

#Parsec #flatpak #flathub #cloudGaming

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Grim Dawn is a game I always come back to play, no matter which games new games I have to play.

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If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

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() is a library for dealing with the public suffix list.

libpsl is a C library and command line tool that interprets the list of top level domain name suffixes and returns information regarding a given domain. libpsl supports checking if something is a public suffix, getting the suffix from a domain, checking if a domain matches a cookie suffix, etc.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: psl libpsl-dev libpsl-5 psl-make-dafsa

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Wow what news to start the day with! elementary OS, a popular Linux distro, has chosen to remove Google Analytics and replace it with Plausible! And open their dashboard to the public! Way to go!

Link to their Twitter announcement:

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To my instance owner sir admin @downey, after writing above three compilations, I request more emoticons. Thanks in advance!

:kdenlive: - video editor.
:mypaint: - pro painting.
:zotero: - bibliographer.
:gitea: - code forge.
:keepass: - pass. manager.
:peertube: - libre youtube.
:copyleft: - forever freedom.

:zorin: - Ubuntu Ireland version.
:trisquel: - friendly freedom.
:pureos: - shiny freedom.

:codeberg: - blue ethical forge.
:sourcehut: - simple unique forge.

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I'm a gamer and try to keep it linux as much as possible. Just read that Titanfall2 is now available on steam and that multiplayer works as fine as expected. I'm willing to forget about apex for the time being and fo full-on TF|2 !
If you like fps's this game is heavily underrated and silly amounts of fun !
Keep in mind that if this is your first time, the skillgap is savage...

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What are some good talks I can watch about ZFS? Particularly about its design and internals

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Working towards supporting the Flatpak future by integrating sandbox permissions. Should be easy to review app permissions and adjust them to your needs

Re:Zero 5 volume has been the best so far.

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it's important to remember that while Apple tech may seem attractive, it robs its user of key freedoms. Learn more about the dangers of proprietary software, and how you can live a fully free digital life. #fsf #hackerethics :hacker: :crt_w_green_lines: :crt_w_prompt: :gnu:

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Would you like to know in near real time what is being written to a file 📝 or watch live how your 💽 hard drive is filling up? With watch 👓 this is possible:

$ watch -td df -h

The -t option turns off the header and -d highlights changes. We see with 'watch' and the command 'df -h' what's happening.

For example, this is a small 🕰️ clock for the 💻 terminal:

$ watch -t -n1 date

Where -n sets the update interval to 1 second. Default is 2.

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For the folks out there using multiple mail inboxes: how is your workflow? How many do you use?

I am switching to Migadu from Protonmail (due to standard IMAP and SMTP protocols) and I am choosing the different inboxes to use. I'd really like some suggestions/experience on this.

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