Has anyone had experience in writing Vala or Genie? How was it?

Today discussion on Reddit:

Me: Your software SIGSEGV on this distribution. It has been reported by other users too

Software Developer: stop saying it doesn't work because it works!

@neildarlow thanks for the detailed explanation. Yea, it seems a real pain to debug on a modern PC. I'll look up Logic Analyser out of curiosity.


That's a possibility too. I am curious, how would be possible to debug in this scenario? I don't have much experience with hardware level and access.

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Usually when aggressive optimizations break something, it's a bug in the program compiled. This happens because these optimizations rely on undefined behaviour and strict code.

I have been using -O3 at a system level for years now, and this has been one of the few bugs I have encountered.

I want to fix it but it would probably require me sometime to understand the huge codebase and flow.


Because projects are hosted there. This time I was browsing Void Linux packges that is on GitHub only.

I have lost all morning due to a bug in xf86-video-intel. Building it with -O0 did the trick. Still it is astonishing how much software can easily break.

Github abuse detection mechanism is really annoying.

Dear Github, I read fast and browse a lot of files, would you please let me continue working? Thanks.

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Everything Old is New Again: Binary Security of WebAssembly

"We find that many classic vulnerabilities which, due to common mitigations, are no longer exploitable in native binaries, are completely exposed in WebAssembly. Moreover, WebAssembly enables unique attacks, such as overwriting supposedly constant data or manipulating the heap using a stack overflow."

I'm shocked I tell you, shocked! :flan_angry:

@efftoyz it might be legacy code. I personally don't see any advantage but worse readability.

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A search engine for

"PeerTube Index is a centralized search engine for PeerTube videos. We run a crawler that visits PeerTube instances to find videos and new instances. All found videos are made searchable by their name. We exclude videos marked as Not Safe For Work (NSFW) for now.

This site is not affiliated to Framasoft, the maintainer of the PeerTube software. "


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We've been trying this web apps thing for over a decade, and a few things should be abundantly clear by now:

- Web apps will always have worse UX than nice native apps. The barrier to entry may be low, but so is the ceiling on what you can build
- The web fundamentally assumes a client-server paradigm no matter what you tack onto it, making it a bad fit if you care about privacy
- Anything we add to browsers can and will be used for adtech/surveillance

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"Google is an organization that excels at taking individual, seemingly-benevolent units of work and then combining them into things that are anti-competitive or just plain evil"

Interesting AMA from a Mozilla employee


benice is a little project I have been working on in the latest month.

It applies CPU and I/O policies on system processes and uses the same ruleset from ananicy. However the bigger differences between them are that:
- benice do not periodically scan the system but only runs when needed.
- benice does not depend on systemd

It is also my first project written in zig, which is a new and interesting language.


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Unfortunately, as of August 6, 2020, Executive Censorship Orders are now a reality in the United States of America.

This is a reminder that F-Droid.org was built to be an open, censorship-resistant alternative to the Google Play store for Android devices. It's easy to install, and it's an important way to protect your mobile devices against Executive Censorship Orders, for the free & open apps installed from there.


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July was a month of broken records for Plausible Analytics:

Most traffic ever
Record traffic day
Most trials ever
Biggest day in terms of the number of new paying subscribers

And a lot of development work too! See the recap plausible.io/blog/july-2020-re

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