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I moved to a self-hosted Pleroma instance.

My new account is @danyspin97 :)

I moved to a self-hosted Pleroma instance.

My new account is @danyspin97 :)

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This new EDA software called LibrePCB looks promising.


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@shellkr @artik @daeh

Interesting hack ^^

Yup, I am already using wl-clipboard but it's totally annoying having both Wayland that X programs togheter.

@hund I choosed the Matias Quiet Click because i wanted to try a Clicky/Tactile switch ^^

@trawzified @hund You can go check on the drop. Keep in mind that the products arrive 6 months after the end of the drop (for the Planck keyboard at least).

@hund rev6, the last. It is not the Planck drop with the RGB lights, but the normal one. I wanted to assembly one myself but it costs me a lot more than picking the drop. Which type are you using? Clicky, Linear or Tactile?

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Just got a request about Facebook alternatives on the Fediverse.

There are a number of options, but the one most suitable for non-technical people is probably Friendica.

Friendica's major instances are already federating through ActivityPub (on the development branch of the code), such as:


Friendica has a Facebook-like interface, and FB-like features such as events and photo albums.



I ordered the Planck keyboard from Massdrop, and I choosed Matias switches. The other choices were Gatheron and other that I don't remember. There weren't Cherry MX switches, so I went for the Matias. I hope I will like them, considering it's my first mechanical keyboard :)

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Tetris is life. Mistakes pile up and achievements disappear. #Showerthoughts

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Pleroma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with GNU social, Mastodon and other ActivityPub and OStatus implementations. pleroma.social And it has a gopher server.

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If you love vim or emacs but have to work on some markdown files collaborative, you should consider using CodiMD.

Our editor provides a #sublimetext (default) mode along with a #vim and an #emacs mode.

Sad part: It's not complete implementation of these editors but it may helps you to feel a bit more home.


#CodiMD #editor #markdown

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I like it, it's useful to track progress of your projects if kanban is your thing. You might want to have a look at WeKan, a FOSS alternative to Trello.


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Making progress with federation support, once this is done I can get back to:
- Instagram Import
- Video support
- Circles
- Collections
- APIs (for mobile apps)
- Help Center


@hund @mattmcnutt

I think the only reason is that XMPP has been around for more ten years. Riot.im is not so good (Electron *sigh*), but there are many clients in development.

Have a look at Gnome's client development, they talk about 2 different clients, one to replace IRC-like communication (1 to many) and one to replace Telegram-like messagging (1 on 1).



I am currently using Spectral, which is really good to see and has basic features. The other good client is Fractal (a Gnome App).

This page is feature sheet about clients.


@shellkr @artik @daeh

Though the extension auto completes both username and password.

I have another problem: dmenu and rofi are X11 programs, so they start on xwayland because I am using Sway. And the clipboard sharing is not working currently lol.

Thanks for suggestion, I've always wanted to try it.

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