New GitHub interface looks good!

Releases, Packages, Contributors and Languages have been moved into the home page and, as packager, I cannot be happier.

My today gadget for Linux Day 2018.
It was a great pleasure to talk at this event. Today's event was aimed only for the school but they were really receptive and I think they liked the topics (based on their questions at the end of the talk).

I published my slides on if you want to have a look, sadly they are all in Italian.

Can't wait for the next (last?) one episode of AoT 3rd season.

Steins;Gate 0 Spoilers 

Steins;Gate 0 Ending. I love this series.

It's time to play the VN.

I've always used a dark colorscheme, switching from Solarized to Gruvbox and many other dark ones.

This is really tempting me to use a light theme as it feel so good to see.

@codesections @kaushalmodi
Thanks for suggestions, I've added ToC to my blog!

I was also considering adding a fixed column including the ToC, how does it look?

I just received Unix Stickers!

Guess which one I'll put on my laptop :tux:

And that's the Quarto game i got today in a little stand at Bologna, Italy.

I didn't know the game but the rules are pretty straightforward and it's easy to play. Also my family liked it a lot and that surprised me.

Is there somebody else who know it too?

I'm writing my presentation for the next talk with the GDG.
I'm glad I could choose this topic.

Wow, Deux Ex: Mankid Divided is really a fantastic game. Can't wait to see where the story goes.🤔

Yesterday i watched the live-action of Ghost in the Shell. I really liked it. Great atmosphere, great cast and great effects. Even though the plot in the end was a little forced.

Anyway gotta see the anime soon. *-*

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