What do you think of the Matias switches?

@danyspin97 I haven't tested them and I have no desire to, but I now that some like Alps and the clones. :)

The reason I'm not bothering with them is availability and compatibility. You're /very/ limited in terms of PCBs and keycaps.


I ordered the Planck keyboard from Massdrop, and I choosed Matias switches. The other choices were Gatheron and other that I don't remember. There weren't Cherry MX switches, so I went for the Matias. I hope I will like them, considering it's my first mechanical keyboard :)

@danyspin97 Noice! :D They're good switches, I'll bet you'll be happy with them. Which revision of the Planck?

Gateron is what I'm using, it's so called "Cherry MX clones". The patent for Cherry MX-switches is more than 30 years old so it has expired and everyone's allowed to use the same design now, which has flooded the market with a lot of good options. :)

@hund rev6, the last. It is not the Planck drop with the RGB lights, but the normal one. I wanted to assembly one myself but it costs me a lot more than picking the drop. Which type are you using? Clicky, Linear or Tactile?

@danyspin97 Nice! :) I like linears, back when I got my first mechanical keyboard, you had like two to choose from and only one switch type (Cherry MX Black, heavy linears). What did you choose?

@hund I choosed the Matias Quiet Click because i wanted to try a Clicky/Tactile switch ^^

@danyspin97 @hund How does massdrop work? Can you still purchase a Planck after 31 Oct, or is it temporarily available?

@trawzified @danyspin97 It's time limited groupbuys, but popular drops are reoccurring a few times a year. You could always order the parts directly via OLKB themself: olkb.com/planck. :)

@trawzified @hund You can go check on the drop. Keep in mind that the products arrive 6 months after the end of the drop (for the Planck keyboard at least).

@danyspin97 @hund Thanks for the heads up, but it seems OLKB doesn't ship my preferred case before March next year either. I might get the zealio version with blank XDA keycaps, this is a pretty sweet deal.

@danyspin97 @hund Matias are pretty good. Their clicky switches are one of my favorite modern switches.

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