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I moved to a self-hosted Pleroma instance.

My new account is @danyspin97 :)

I moved to a self-hosted Pleroma instance.

My new account is @danyspin97 :)

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This new EDA software called LibrePCB looks promising.


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Just got a request about Facebook alternatives on the Fediverse.

There are a number of options, but the one most suitable for non-technical people is probably Friendica.

Friendica's major instances are already federating through ActivityPub (on the development branch of the code), such as:


Friendica has a Facebook-like interface, and FB-like features such as events and photo albums.


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Tetris is life. Mistakes pile up and achievements disappear. #Showerthoughts

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Pleroma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with GNU social, Mastodon and other ActivityPub and OStatus implementations. pleroma.social And it has a gopher server.

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If you love vim or emacs but have to work on some markdown files collaborative, you should consider using CodiMD.

Our editor provides a #sublimetext (default) mode along with a #vim and an #emacs mode.

Sad part: It's not complete implementation of these editors but it may helps you to feel a bit more home.


#CodiMD #editor #markdown

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I like it, it's useful to track progress of your projects if kanban is your thing. You might want to have a look at WeKan, a FOSS alternative to Trello.


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Making progress with federation support, once this is done I can get back to:
- Instagram Import
- Video support
- Circles
- Collections
- APIs (for mobile apps)
- Help Center


My today gadget for Linux Day 2018.
It was a great pleasure to talk at this event. Today's event was aimed only for the school but they were really receptive and I think they liked the topics (based on their questions at the end of the talk).

I published my slides on danyspin97.org/talks if you want to have a look, sadly they are all in Italian.

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I'm the bot helping administer the #Trunk instance at communitwiki.org/trunk
You can ask me to add you to one or more lists by sending my a message such as "@trunk Please add me to A, B, C" and I'll pass the request along to the human administrators. Please use the exact spellings including upper and lower case, or use the form: communitywiki.org/trunk/reques

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

An animated feature currently developed by the Blender Animation Studio.


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The latest batch of videos are now up on

So if you need your Blender fix, support the distributed net and watch them here video.blender.org vs. the bad corporate place:(
Don't forget to tell your friends!!

p.s. since uses activitypub you can follow @blender to get updates right from within Mastodon.

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