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#ActivityPub support is live! You can now follow *Public* Write.as blogs from Mastodon, such as our @blog

It's limited to Public blogs right now (a paid feature) so we can slowly roll this out and plug holes as needed -- once I'm confident things are stable in the next few days, it'll be available to everyone for free.

You can read a bit more about the update, and I'd love to hear any feedback / ideas / bugs here! discuss.write.as/t/activitypub

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Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!


#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised

Today schedule:
- adding at least 10 more distro to liveunix.org
- Finish packaging sway-0.15.2
- Work on some other patches for various packages

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Upcoming Firefox release will start sending all your DNS requests to Cloudflare


Looks like this will override local resolvers and therefore break any LAN only domains (as well as sending data to a US company).

Details on how to change this in about:config here blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2018/

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Thanks to I found this cool "new" platform which is a better approach to feeds I checked out their series buff.ly/2vByhvc and found this gem

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RT @Puri_sm@twitter.com: We have another #Librem5 progress report for everyone.

"Designing the scope of the Librem 5’s communication apps" by @feeef@twitter.com, our Director of Creative

cc: @gnome@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Puri_sm/status/102

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In #Signal's controversial article "Why Signal won't federate" signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem- they're correct that centralised services are great for one thing: deploying updates.

However, just as "WhatsApp was able to introduce end-to-end encryption to over a billion users with a single software update", the opposite is also true: Google Maps was able to introduce 24/7 location history tracking to over a billion users with a single software update.

If this isn't Batman tracking I don't know what is.

Decentralized certificate authority and naming

An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS.


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I have written a blog post about my experiece with OrtholinearKB keyboard today. Hope its informative for someone who is considering getting one. Read it here :


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Project Update in which I beg you to help by spreading the word about this project... Just like I'm doing now.


#gamedev #gameing

CW:flashing animated gif at link (it's cool though)

LiveUnix - Browse Linux distributions and BSD operating systems.


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I was reading itsfoss.com and some old SysAdmin humour. Time for a rehash:

I’ll tell you a DNS joke but be advised, it could take up to 24 hours for everyone to get it.

If you want more abuse you can read more of them here: itsfoss.com/funniest-linux-jok

Seems like Exherbo will gain some new users, that's really nice.

Also, all the problems highlighted could be solved by more contributors and user repositories, because they are the core of Exherbo.

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* Please Boost *

There is an open poll for #CloutStream where your input is needed regarding privacy and usability. The poll will close on July 31st and the results will be shared shortly after.


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