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Also wtf the front page of is some kind of uh...reddit clone now?

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this new video is indistinguishable from sponsored content

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Médias français, qui possède quoi ?

Une carte très pratique du Monde diplomatique pour savoir qui vous vend quelle merde en matière d'infos.

"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

Use programming-positive language!

🚫 DON'T say "arbitrary code execution vulnerability"

✔️ DO say "surprise extension API"

re: The richest emit 20 times more GHG per person than the poorer half of Canadians (french) 

@danso @markusl I agree with both of you: tax the rich out of existence *and* change the lifestyle of the middle class. :politecat:

The richest emit 20 times more GHG per person than the poorer half of Canadians (french) 

Le Canada est un des pays les plus polluants avec une moyenne de 19,4 tonnes de GES par habitant.

Or, les 50 % des Canadiens les plus pauvres affichent déjà une moyenne de 10 tonnes par personne, contre le double (21 tonnes) pour les 40 % suivants, plus de 60 tonnes pour les 10 % des plus riches et plus de 190 tonnes pour le 1 % de leurs compatriotes les plus fortunés.

for the uninitiated, i provide a simplified account of what's happening here.

firstly, in this language function calls and definitions don't require parentheses. instead of `f(x,y,z)` we write `f x y z`.

the `<>` operator combines two values of the same type in a type-specific way. think of it like addition.

i defined the `showb` function, taking one parameter (`stmts`), and gave its definition on the right side of the `=`.

basically, this is equivalent to `f(x) = 1 + f(x)`. oops...

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i just spent three hours looking for the reason my program didn't terminate...

do you see it

Food drives are not the answer to poverty and hunger 

This comforting fable is a convenient smokescreen for government inaction on poverty and the intersecting gender, racist and ableist inequities that disproportionately keep women, BIPOC, and people with disabilities in poverty and food insecurity. These are problems that food bank donations can never fix.

How Canada became a vaccine villain 

@danso My country is no saint, either. By the end of 2021, the UK will have given away 30M vaccine doses: enough to give two doses to 15M people. That's just over 1% of the population of Africa.

And we wonder why we have dangerous new variants to contend with. 🙄 🤬

How Canada became a vaccine villain 

73 per cent of all vaccine doses have gone to just ten countries, while less than six per cent of Africans have been vaccinated. Vaccine inequity is so extreme that the number of booster shots administered by wealthy countries surpasses six-fold the number of total doses given in low-income countries.

A glimpse into how labour unions lost the hearts and minds of the Baby Boomers, which is why 10 years after this manifesto the "Movement Generation" had become Reagan-voting capitalists, and 50 years later, Silicon Valley VCs who grew up on this kind of rhetoric could cheer Amazon and Uber and promise "disrupting" the entire world into a Gig Economy hellscape without once asking "did we become the actual baddies?"

I guess the unions did it to themselves, but, this is how the USA's Left died.

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We need to make the connection between climate change and industrial animal agriculture 

If we want to get serious about climate change, the impact of animal agriculture needs to be addressed. This would not only benefit humans, it would also benefit the billions of animals farmed worldwide.

Governments must support farmers to transition to more sustainable farming systems and to make animal welfare a priority.

i am puzzled, so i ask the fediverse:

if we had clear, reliable statistical evidence showing that homicide rates were lower in places where it was not a crime, would you support legalizing homicide?

(boosts appreciated!)

Fediverse, what are some small, manageable, easy everyday things that the average person can do to help end billionaires

C'est souvent le problème avec les complotistes : ça part tellement loin dans la débilité qu'on n'arrive pas toujours à distinguer ce qui est dit au 1er degré des parodies genre Le Gorafi ou Complots Faciles.

(Libres à vous de reformuler la phrase en remplaçant "les complotistes" par "ceux qui se posent des questions", "les chercheurs de vérité", "les Éveillés", "ceux qui réfléchissent par eux-mêmes" ou toute autre expression du genre)

new post: Singer's dilemma

Philosopher Peter Singer raises a point in his book Animal Liberation that has gone under the radar relative to many of his other ideas. It concerns experimentation on non-human animals.

The question posed by Singer, simply: How much do humans and other animals have in common?

Singer’s dilemma invites us to consider whether and when testing on non-human animals can be morally justified.

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