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i am disappointed by my city today, a thread 

if you have recently moved, or this is your first time living in montreal, then you didn't get the mail. you didn't get anything, and you are somehow expected to know that you need to get your name and address on the list *3 weeks in advance* in order to vote.

yeah, we needed to appear in person between 12 and 18 october. after the 18th, it's just too late. you don't get to vote.

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i am disappointed by my city today, a thread 

to vote in montreal's municipal election tomorrow, you need to be registered. this is normal -- every other election i have voted in has had the same requirement -- except that most make registration easy.

not in montreal.

if you voted in the last election, and still live at the same address, then you are registered. all registered voters should have received a piece of mail, instructing them how to vote. they don't need to take any further action.

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i am disappointed by my city today, a thread 

politics, facebook 

*Facial recognition is used to wrongly arrest at least three Black people*

Facebook: Just needs tweaked a little

*Facial recognition is used to put Uyghurs in concentration camps*

Facebook: We can't be responsible for what people do with it

*Facial recognition is used to track down and convict J6 insurrectionists*


Microsoft ads for Windows 11 seem like a waste of their money. Anyone who buys Windows on its own, not preinstalled, probably already knows it exists.

But the point of such ads is to make people think about the brand even if they aren't going to buy it; to normalize the brand as a mainstream choice. So it's not a waste of money, but I wish it were

a fire destroying the super sexe on ste-catherine, downtown montreal / un incendie détruise le club super sexe au centre-ville de montréal

every time a boomer says the phrase "drugs or alcohol" i get a weird feeling

like my stomach is trying to roll its eyes

We dismantled the mental health system they relied on and now we’re tearing down the only community many have ever known.

How did we lose our compassion for the homeless?

#Opinion by #news #toronto

USPOL, school shootings 

Local high school just shut down due to a gun threat, there's a safety meeting tonight over zoom that I'm not gonna watch because there's no bloody way that america is gonna suddenly decide to do the thing it needs to do to stop school shootings.

I was like "so you have to make things (or certain components) of things shitty just so that they'll break faster, just so that folks will have to buy more of them?? That's fucked"

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Canada’s voting system regularly elects legislative assemblies that distort voters’ views 

Defenders of the first-past-the-post system say such gross distortions are part of its appeal. In particular, small political parties, such as the PPC or the Greens, are penalized because their support is spread thinly across many constituencies. Conservatives and Liberals love this.

ethical corpse disposal 

This ritual for decomposition of human bodies is absolutely the kind of thing I've always envisioned for myself after I die: It's a beautiful, natural way to go

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