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Je pose ça là:

« Une étude vient de s'intéresser au lien entre la classe sociale et le comportement éthique. Elle démontre que les plus riches trichent et mentent davantage que les personnes issues de milieux moins aisés. »

Mais ce n'est pas tout: « Les grosses cylindrées s'arrêtaient trois fois moins au passage piéton que les voitures les plus modestes »

Voilà... les riches connards.

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present tense: lead, read [iːd]
past tense: led, read [ɛd]
unrelated noun: lead, red [ɛd]


Unions have always fought for workplace safety. So why are they fighting mandatory vaccinations? 

Imagine a year ago, when vaccines were still a hopeful dream, that once they arrived and were freely available that so many new obstacles to reaching herd immunity and putting this nightmare behind us would appear. And from unions, no less.

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canadian politics 

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pledges to lower cellphone and internet bills

In the 2019 election Justin Trudeau promised to cut cellphone bills to save $1,000 per year for a family of four. But that has not materialized, and Trudeau has sided with telecom companies over families.

Unlimited internet plans should be truly unlimited, and not see speeds slow down once a certain amount of usage is reached.

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"Do you need comfort or solutions"? Important question to ask when someone is having a bad time. = Note to self who is always in solution mode.

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online voting #cdnpoli 

obviously online voting has all these same problems but turned up to 11

related viewing:

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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

to protect these people, these votes, mail-in ballots must not even be an option.

*maybe* it's justified to compromise the anonymity of votes considering the safety concerns *right now*, but...

normalizing postal voting is going to be a terrible consequence for victims of domestic abuse.

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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

yes, that is obviously illegal, but so are all forms of domestic violence, and that still happens. we are talking about a demographic that is powerless for a huge variety of complex reasons.

besides, how would you prove that somebody else mailed your vote if the signature "looks like" yours?

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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

and it's not a solution to say "go vote on election day then". merely having the option to take a mail-in ballot disempowers vulnerable people, who can be threatened or bribed to apply for a mail-in ballot, then mark it and send it under the supervision of their oppressor.

that's if they even get to see the ballot at all. an abuser might just open your mail, cast your vote, sign it, and send it without you ever seeing it.

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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

if you go to a polling station to vote, then it is you and only you behind the curtain with only a pencil and ballot. voting is totally anonymous.

but if you open your mail and you receive your ballot, you could write it and mail it in in the presence of another person.

this person could be anybody -- your spouse, parent, employer, landleech, etc.

anybody who doesn't see the problem with this has obviously never been in an abusive relationship.

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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

i understand that we're still in a pandemic, and that a significant minority of the population is still unvaccinated, and that vaccines do not provide total protection from covid anyway.

so maybe mail-in voting is a trade-off that we need to make to stay safe.

but let me just complain about it a bit because nobody seems to understand that it is fundamentally irredeemably undemocratic

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climate change 

For the first time in recorded history, it rained on the summit of Greenland's ice caps

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I've spent years, nay decades, looking for the very best Venn Diagram. Today, I found it.

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i just realized that superstition is written using only the black piano keys because stevie wonder is blind

it makes so much sense! so why is my brain exploding

i heard that spending time reading facebook feeds is commonly a source of depression -- something to do with FOMO and seeing our friends posting about the cool things they do.

are all my facebook friends just total losers? all the posts i get are

- advertisements
- memes
- "happy birthday"s
- olympics/sports results
- american politics

and maybe like one post of every 50 is somebody who attended a wedding

i love big joel, and his most recent video might be my favourite. it's
an insightful look into how appearances tend to be manipulated to present yourself favourably and also into the psychology of virtue.

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