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mail-in voting #cdnpoli 

i understand that we're still in a pandemic, and that a significant minority of the population is still unvaccinated, and that vaccines do not provide total protection from covid anyway.

so maybe mail-in voting is a trade-off that we need to make to stay safe.

but let me just complain about it a bit because nobody seems to understand that it is fundamentally irredeemably undemocratic

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climate change 

For the first time in recorded history, it rained on the summit of Greenland's ice caps

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I've spent years, nay decades, looking for the very best Venn Diagram. Today, I found it.

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i just realized that superstition is written using only the black piano keys because stevie wonder is blind

it makes so much sense! so why is my brain exploding

i heard that spending time reading facebook feeds is commonly a source of depression -- something to do with FOMO and seeing our friends posting about the cool things they do.

are all my facebook friends just total losers? all the posts i get are

- advertisements
- memes
- "happy birthday"s
- olympics/sports results
- american politics

and maybe like one post of every 50 is somebody who attended a wedding

i love big joel, and his most recent video might be my favourite. it's
an insightful look into how appearances tend to be manipulated to present yourself favourably and also into the psychology of virtue.

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Don't use your real name on the Internet

So anyway I, [real name, birthday], was at [employer] and let me tell you all about my [ass backwards ideas] about [group]

Catholic schools 

There have been examples of publicly-funded Catholic schools taking students to anti-abortion rallies, of gay students being bullied. In March, the most senior Catholic cleric in English Canada wrote warning that “social trends antagonistic to the Gospel gather strength” and that Pride Month should be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Why do school systems based around an institution that embraces such teaching continue to receive public funding?

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i am earnestly excited for the first dinosaur species to be discovered and named by a millennial so that we can learn about the Heckin Chonkosaurus

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I just can't like and subscribe to you all.

Actually, to any of you, because I don't want to get a Google account.

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Don't be fooled: Google's latest announcement on third-party cookies doesn't mean it will stop tracking you. We’ve built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in Google’s latest tracking experiment:

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The hacker lifestyle is a gonzo lifestyle, by definition.

We go out and do the weirdest shit just to see if we can. Cracking? Sure. Dumpster diving for parts? Absolutely. Building a HERF gun to see what it takes to make one? Probably not the best idea, to be honest, but sure. Taking over a hotel's television network to show My Little Pony on every internal channel? Let's do this.

It's easy to imagine Hunter S. Thompson as a hacker. He may not have been a hacker, but he definitely had the "Fuck it, let's do something weird!" thing down.

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