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My blog post on what makes the best mastodon instance.

Replies to this toot will be in the comment section of my blog.

apparently somebody got stuck in vi while trying to make a git commit:

* [new branch] wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqqqqq -> origin/wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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google, foss 

This move on Google's part is just highlighting a situation that has existed for years already: you might use Chromium as a way of avoiding proprietary software, but if you use Chromium with features like synchronization, that objective has not been met. Getting its full functionality requires accepting layers of proprietary code on top of it.

canada politics 

The Carbon Tax is controversial because fighting climate change has become a polarized topic. Outright denying climate change is almost political suicide for most politicians, so they do the next best thing and criticize any policy made to do anything about it.

The Carbon Tax is controversial because it is more socially acceptable for people to say a solution won’t work than just admit they don’t care about the problem enough to do anything about it.

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I made an image for someone using the GNU Image Manipulation Program and now I have to tell them the name of the program I used, and I seriously don't want to. Even if the creators of this program want to be stubborn about their awful name because they insist on being "politically incorrect" or some shit, doesn't the fact that people are ashamed to recommend the program matter to them? (I know about Glimpse but I haven't tested it on Windows so I can't really recommend it either)

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scriabin what? that note is not even on the piano dude

letter to representatives 

well-written expression of disapproval regarding covid response:

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The Linux userbase is very divided between Ubuntu, it's Debian friends, and it's Arch enemies.

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Before jumping into someone else's mentions:

✅ Am I being contrarian?
✅ Do I already have a relationship with this person, or am I being inappropriately familiar?
✅ Am I "ironically" doing exactly what this person just said not to do?
✅ Am I derailing another legitimate discussion in order to get on my own favourite hobby-horse or to one-up this person in my knowledge of social issues?
✅ Am I saying "Are you surprised?" when they're disappointed?
✅ Am I providing unsolicited advice?

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fucking kill me
worst taste of the day goes to

walk through a python list backward with bitwise negation:

>>> L = ["first", "second", "third", "second-last", "last"]
>>> L[0]
>>> L[~0]
>>> L[~1]
>>> L[~2]

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@ifixcoinops Google gets things like this wrong, hilarity ensues, and yet companies still piss away their money to buy profiles of people that Google has. You'd think these mistakes would make the companies that buy profiles from Google stop and wonder how and why they're making mistakes like this so frequently.

i have had no other experience quite like walking through a barren icy wasteland of caution tape and closed shops while hearing


is there a term for a word which looks like what it means?

you know, like how "bed" looks like a bed

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