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It's possible to interpret the right to life as absolute, but considering the founders of the UN had just executed a boatload of Nazis just 2 years before it was written, it was the norm at the time, and many of the other human rights enumerated can be deprived due to properly prosecuted crimes, it's pretty clear that was the intention when the document was written.

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So yeah Gitea is a pretty amazing piece of software. All you need is a machine to run it on and you can take posession of any source code you have on any public servers and it'll get mirrored down automatically going forward. If you care about your creations that's good insurance to have no matter what your feelings on cloud hosted versus self hosted. #bettersafe

<@BadAtom> I don't even get the concept of The Apprentice
<@BadAtom> it's a job interview
<@BadAtom> who the fuck wants to watch a job interview

completed my move from to! :fosstodon:

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