PEP 690: Lazy imports in Python! Sounds like it will eliminate any reason to put import statements halfway through a file. Although it will be less explicitly obvious when something is imported at runtime, I think that might be a minor issue compared to the stylistic and performance benefit. "This PEP proposes a feature to transparently defer the execution of imported modules until the moment when an imported object is used."
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since i was on my gist profile earlier i browsed through other stuff i put up and, lol, this looks like i'm about to apologise for saying something racist

i have wanted a safer, compatible alternative to `rm` for a long time, and finally found it:

it's not perfect, so i made a couple of pull requests today. likely more tomorrow

YouTube has started putting a red circle around channel icons if they posted a Short™️ recently. This red circle is easily misinterpreted because it's usually the universal signifier that someone is live 😑

Google knows that some people are ignoring this Shorts anti-feature on purpose, and they think we're going to change our minds if they trick us into using it. How silly.

Thanks for explaining the word “many” to me, it means a lot.

🐌: Relaxing
🎻: Sad
👍: Cool
🍓: Cute
🤠: Yee-Haw!

on February 9, Hulu revived Futurama with a 20-episode order set to premiere next year

every time I do a slice with square brackets in Python, I use the REPL to check the syntax. I have done it hundreds of times and I can never remember which order to put the colons :p bleh. The REPL is really nice for quickly checking these minor details

4 tea emojis, but no iced tea emoji 🥲

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Isn't there a Mastodon fork with a "followers-only boost" feature? Like "boost with different visibility" or something. I don't think it would be worth patching my server for, but I'm curious what the change would be. I might just be thinking of a different fedi software

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