Why the left shouldn’t underestimate Pierre Poilievre 

Poilievre is a sharp speaker who has a considerable social media presence and is idolized by Conservatives across the country


Canada’s biggest emitters are paying the lowest carbon tax rate 

Although Canada has one of the most ambitious prices on carbon in the world, large industrial emitters pay only a tiny fraction of it.

Ottawa and provincial governments grant exemptions to oil and gas, chemicals, cement, steel, mining.

Suncor, the oil and gas sector’s largest emitter, paid roughly $2.10 per tonne. Canadian drivers paid $30 per tonne for the gas tax at the pumps that same year.



Legault abandonne la réforme du mode de scrutin / Legault abandons electoral reform

Il n’en sera donc pas question durant la prochaine campagne électorale, ni durant un prochain mandat / It will not be considered in the next campaign nor a future mandate.

«On met ça de côté définitivement.»


How Canada became a vaccine villain 

73 per cent of all vaccine doses have gone to just ten countries, while less than six per cent of Africans have been vaccinated. Vaccine inequity is so extreme that the number of booster shots administered by wealthy countries surpasses six-fold the number of total doses given in low-income countries.


Porch Cameras and Facebook Groups Are Turning Streets into Surveillance States 

Getting a [camera] lets Amazon off the hook because they don’t have to replace a package. But it’s also a handy way for them to surveil their workforce.

The use of surveillance tech normalizes the idea that the world should be a place in which neighbourhoods are fortresses, with underpaid workers delivering goods to the relatively wealthy under an unblinking eye.


i am disappointed by my city today, a thread 

Canada’s voting system regularly elects legislative assemblies that distort voters’ views 

Defenders of the first-past-the-post system say such gross distortions are part of its appeal. In particular, small political parties, such as the PPC or the Greens, are penalized because their support is spread thinly across many constituencies. Conservatives and Liberals love this.


It’s irresponsible for Justin Trudeau to equate the far right and far left 

"We see the organizations of extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left that are pushing white supremacy, intolerance, radicalization, promoting hatred, fear and mistrust"

This is false. Canada has a well-documented problem with far-right radicalization. There are violent extremists in this country, but they are without exception on the right side of the political dial.



regardless of what you think of the parties, we should agree that we must have fair representation.

this is not that.

animal abuse, politics 

Canada’s Conservatives will:

* Ban puppy mills and stop imports of animals bred inhumanely.
* Strengthen the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s ability to enforce current regulations and seize animals when imported under poor welfare conditions.
* Ban cosmetic testing on animals.
* Add animal cruelty as an aggravating factor in domestic violence prosecutions to go after abusers who hurt their spouse by hurting their pet.


Unions have always fought for workplace safety. So why are they fighting mandatory vaccinations? 

Imagine a year ago, when vaccines were still a hopeful dream, that once they arrived and were freely available that so many new obstacles to reaching herd immunity and putting this nightmare behind us would appear. And from unions, no less.


canadian politics 

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pledges to lower cellphone and internet bills

In the 2019 election Justin Trudeau promised to cut cellphone bills to save $1,000 per year for a family of four. But that has not materialized, and Trudeau has sided with telecom companies over families.

Unlimited internet plans should be truly unlimited, and not see speeds slow down once a certain amount of usage is reached.



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