middle-class is a lie. there are only two social classes: the people who need to work and the people who can sit on their assets

@danso I have assets to sit on yet I still have to work to make a living 🤷

@danso There are many of different levels of "need to work" especially considering the international poverty line is $1.90/day

@danso I don't know, I kind of like working, then again I'm blue collar from a blue collar family.

@sotolf sure, work can (should!) be enjoyable! that doesn't change what I said. it's not about whether you have a job. it's about whether you must.

@danso you are upper class if you are part of the government and derive your wealth from that. You are lower class if you depend on direct government assistance to get by. You are middle class if you are self-sufficient. Middle class != middle income. You can be middle class but low income, or high income. This definition works equally well in 1600 as today

@danso I feel that middle class these days means you only have to work one job to be able to eat regularly and feed, clothe and house your dependents.

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