@danslerush That's really sad. I just wish that people were more supportive to the free/libre software that they use. Stop complaining and start helping is the motto here.

@ericbuijs All agree, an issue or a commit rather than a tweet 🙄

@danslerush @ericbuijs

Didn't know about #FairEmail until I heard this sad news. Indeed with community help, donations and contributions to the project, the developer might be encouraged to happily continue developing solely for @fdroidorg

We have a fabulous alternative app store, and with fabulous apps it will encourage ppl to switch.

Think also in general the public here will be more grateful for what the app provides and not give bad reviews in the way you get them on #Google Play, etc.

@humanetech @danslerush

I've been using FairEmail for a couple of months now and I love it. So I've put my money where my mouth is and just transferred money to the developer for all the work done and to help financially. It would be a nice gesture from all the great people here on Mastodon that use FairEmail to do the same (if they can of course).

@ericbuijs followed your example and transferred some money along with a thank you note.

@humanetech @danslerush

@lx242 @ericbuijs @humanetech @danslerush

Hopefully triggered by signs of support (and a good night sleep):


"Can you please open all threads again?

This is to give people a chance to discuss and to help each other. It doesn't mean I will resume development though."

(In general) I think it would be good and helpful when (also) giving financial support to FLOSS makers.

@lx242 @ericbuijs @humanetech @danslerush

More good news, the developer is continuing the development of #FairEmail \o/ :

"Given the huge number of supportive messages I received (much appreciated!) the project will be continued in some form in any case."

Before this incident, I hadn't heard about FairEmail (either), but will try it out now :-)

@FreePietje @lx242 @ericbuijs @humanetech @danslerush

This is wonderful news. I removed #FairEmail from my phone when I read the news that it was no longer going to be developed or supported. I tried an alternative for a few days, but I much prefer FairEmail (I even spent some of my pension on buying the upgrade last year). Anyway, I am very pleased that the developer had a change of heart & won't be removing it from the Google Play Store.

@ericbuijs @humanetech @danslerush He mentioned his girlfriend (wife?) was sick, and that he would spend time caring for her. I'm sure he will appreciate it :)

@danslerush ahh that is awful. I understand his decision though. I'll probably keep using it, it blows other email apps out of the water, especially with the premium features.

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