« I have never used , and never will. Despite this, I still feel the need to write an article about WhatsApp since it’s the perfect case study to help understand a class of businesses models I call . The domestication of users is high on my list of problems plaguing the human race, and is worth a detailed explanation. » by @Seirdy

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@danslerush @Seirdy Probably would be a good thing to mention that what's app used to be free, was not developed by facebook, but bought up after it already had a broad user-base, it was made to be a free great chatting app, but then got bought out by facebook, and finageled into being used by facebook to gather information, from what I read it seems you are under the impression that facebook developed WA.

@sotolf I agree, but as @aral puts it so well, it can't be otherwise : these companies, these "start-ups" start from centralized, siloed operating designs and seek their financing from large capitalist companies ... the last step is inevitably the takeover and putting them under control. As far as possible, it is necessary to move towards decentralized solutions and/or solutions provided by non-profit structures. @Seirdy


Just another reason to keep away from signal I guess.

@aral @Seirdy

@sotolf @danslerush @Seirdy Moxie is not a fan of decentralisation (and has me blocked on Twitter for criticising their whitewashing of Google and Facebook on privacy by taking their money and implementing e2e encryption for them even when it’s not on by default and knowing their business model and the slowly boiling frogs strategy) but as far as I know they’re a non-profit now, no?

(Totally agree that decentralised is the way forward and that’s what we’re working on.)

@danslerush slightly envious of you for never having used WhatsApp :) do you have a smartphone, though?

How did you manage that (and kept contact with the important ones in your life)?

@kzimmermann I'm not the author, it's @Seirdy BUT I never WhatsApp either. It may not be much better but I use Telegram with my family and I push a lot of my friends to use Signal, SMS if not.

@kzimmermann @danslerush I ghosted a small group of friends until they installed Signal. As I stated in the article, I dislike Signal but still use it.

Been thinking about experimenting with a Prosody XMPP server, tho...someday...

@danslerush @Seirdy Never used WhatsApp either. Recently, some friends are willing to quit and uninstall this horrible app, but not before they can do a mass export of all of their conversations into some archive in PDF/html format. Any concrete suggestions in this vein?

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