Hey just a kind reminder : If you want a server solution that kicks ass, @yunohost is here for that. Easily manageable, upgradeable and good looking as f**k ! I just upgrade my VPS to YunoHost 4 and Debian Buster by literally clicking ONE button ☝️😎

+1000! I'm the biggest yunohost fan:).

Can I ask how long the migration took? I still haven't made the jump. Is next cloud 20 available yet?

@lps I can't tell you, I launch the thing and go swim a little during lunch (maybe one hour and half I guess). And I have Nextcloud 19.0.3 for the moment @yunohost

Hey !@danslerush
I'm still in Debian 9 for my Yunohost. Is this easy upgrade documented somewhere ? ☺

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