When I put this link, I didn't expect so much "tricky" feedbacks ... and it feels good to talk about it. Take care of yourselves everybody and good weekend disconnection (if you can) πŸ€—

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@danslerush πŸ€”

There are days that I dream of becoming a baker. Or anything really, something other than IT.

@ndegruchy It seems yes, and if I can reassure you (or not) I'm in this case πŸ™„

@danslerush I don't think it's entirely attributable to "IT", though.

People have become, as a whole, more demanding. They want things now and don't care about the supply side costs or human factors.

I think IT (especially support-focused roles) exacerbates the issue by being the target of people's anger, regardless of the problem's actual source.

@danslerush For example: you see a lot of similar kind of burn out in service-related industries, where people have to handle customers who are not happy.

Consumerism, capitalism and the "me me me, now now now" economy is killing us.

@ndegruchy You made a point, clearly. But in my opinion, there's other thing : the loss of meaning, of purpose un what we do

@danslerush @ndegruchy which is kind of a
'luxury worry' if you think about it.

@Gina Yes totally, I plaid guilty ... maybe this everyday feeling of doing only executive tasks, I have to create/code but on closed plateforms for big tech sellers πŸ˜” @ndegruchy

@danslerush @ndegruchy I think the meaning and purpose has always been "to further enrich the already rich", and what we've lost is the ability to lie to ourselves and each other about the reason we work.

@ndegruchy I would agree in theory, but I also think that there's things about IT in particular that exacerbate the situation.

I worked a service job when I was in college, and I hated it. When my shift was over, I went home as fast as possible and I dreaded going to work every single day.

Now, I'm an "IT Professional", and my work day doesn't end. I'm on call 24/7/365, and that "end of day" I looked forward to in my service job never comes. I'm not unique in this position.


@mike @ndegruchy @danslerush Same, sometimes I miss the dull but uncomplicated service jobs I had as a teenager.

@Gina @mike @danslerush I remember one job where I was manning the register for Christmas rush and I ended up doing a 12 hour shift -- I don't remember most of it because my mind just slipped away while my body did the mechanical work required. Someone woke me up for shift change and that was that.

Pretty surreal.

@Gina I don't miss the jobs, but I do miss the "end of day" I used to get with those where I could unplug and not think about it. I think it's probably just time to move away from the "constant on call" scenario. Even my current job wouldn't be horrible if I could just leave and not worry about it for a while.

@ndegruchy @danslerush

@mike @ndegruchy @danslerush @Gina

"I'm on call 24/7/365, and that 'end of day' I looked forward to never comes."

This is IMO the crux of the problem. And it's not restricted to IT. Or just work.

Society nowadays expects you to be reachable at any time. Your boss sends an email at 21h? You'd better read it promptly. And possibly respond as well.
When I go out to dinner, I turn off my phone. In return I get weird looks from anyone that notices it. How many tables are phone-free? Yeah, exactly

@mike @ndegruchy @danslerush @Gina
This in turn means that people don't get to relax and wind down.

This all leads to stress. And sleeping disorders, like insomnia. That's also the reason why the recommendation is to create/have a (pre-)sleep routine. Wind down your activities and by doing the same thing every night, you prepare you body and mind that sleep is coming.
Actually you're teaching your body/mind that, which is a disturbing thing to acknowledge as it should become natural.

@FreePietje I've actually had a thing for work lately that "requires" I get 8 hour of sleep a night. That NEVER happens, but to fake it out I've been putting my phone on the charger every night a few hours before I go to bed. It's been interesting for me because I've been sleeping better and feeling better since I've done that. I'm not sleeping significantly more, but better. After the work thing is over, I'm probably going to keep doing it.

@ndegruchy @danslerush @Gina

That's indeed unusual and I wouldn't be surprised (and I hope) that it'll become more common. The amount of people with (some kind of) a sleeping disorder is staggering. And I think what's related, the amount of people with #burnout. Read not long ago that 1 in 6 people aged 18-35 (in .nl) were suffering from burnout or severe burnout. 1 in 6 ‼️
Your body and mind need rest to recuperate for the next day(s).

More sleeping tips: x0f.org/@FreePietje/1033857857

@ndegruchy @danslerush @Gina

How long you need to sleep is mostly dependent on sex and age, but still differs from one person to the next.
The quality of the sleep is way more important then the amount.

The importance of (good quality) sleep is much underrated.
If you don't get it, your body and mind get worn down with all the nasty consequences. When you do get it (again), you'll see improvements across the board.

@ndegruchy @danslerush @Gina

@ndegruchy @danslerush
I have to say the less happy I've ever been at my job was when I had to deal with customers. That was in manufacturing.

By temperament I like to "do my thing" and not be disturbed too much, I guess most IT work wouldn't be for me.

On the other hand, I spent much of my free time for 9 years helping others on an online forum for a FOSS software. But I finally kind of tapped out last year.

I'm sharing this with all my Anglican clergy colleagues. Burnout is quite a big issue for us.

@Trussell I imagine anyone having to, to put it bluntly, deal with everyone else's crap -- has this problem. Heap on the demands of the modern business or organization not only being close to 24/7, but in many cases also international and suddenly you're being required to be "on" all the time.

As much as I tout quiet hours and no phones at the table etiquette, I still have to be on call for VIP issues and when that phone dings, I context switch into work mode.

@danslerush I won't say that these results are a surprise. I feel like there are a lot of people in this industry that are in similar situations.

For the record this has nothing to do with . It's become my sanctuary from my real job, and where I come to relax and enjoy myself.

@mike Oh gosh ! Yes I see what you mean, like myself with FOSS things I'm passionnate and there's the "pay bills" job 😌

Is this test only valid for IT workers? I'm pediatric nurse but (just for fun!) I took the test and got a 5.3 out 6. I can't say I'm surprised πŸ˜•

@emanuel It's given (and certainly made by) IT workers but yes, it "works" beyond πŸ™„ @Gina

@Gina Damn (and cheers πŸ™„). Please be careful and step back

@danslerush I guess i'm in decent shape

I do need to work on my people skills...people just annoy me...


I work in the mental health field, my burnout level is high according to this index ,unsurprisingly

@cygnus316 Yes, unfortunately I think it works for everybody. Stay strong !

@danslerush I'm pretty sure I burned out years ago, and have never recovered. I currently score 5.8 on the scale.

@danslerush well, right now I work 40 hours at a not so great place. Going to plan to work 30 hours somewhere else nicer with better payment and more containers.


burnoutindex.org uses #clownflare and blocks #Tor users...


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