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« The Internet Society's own members are now opposing its sale of the .org internet registry to an unknown private equity firm » 🤷‍♂️

Talking about it, they began to maintain a (self-hosted) « curated list of awesome projects related to »

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Uff, this wasn't easy at all, but we're getting there. Now we need to implement handling multiple previews and control each file name.

When I put this link, I didn't expect so much "tricky" feedbacks ... and it feels good to talk about it. Take care of yourselves everybody and good weekend disconnection (if you can) 🤗

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HUGE thanks to all people who take time, work, sweat, sleeping pills to make OS/softs more than useful, simple and free ! ❤️

There's this french "corporate/business IT" magazine that titles an article with « Coronavirus : towards a black year for the IT market ? » ... and people basically ? 🤨

It's often said that the problem with an alternative OS like is that it lacks apps. But that's not a problem, the important thing is that it provides the sufficient and not the maximum … we already spend too much time on without looking at what's around us 🤨

« is a tool that makes it simple to set up, manage, and secure a fleet of -powered computers in your business, school, or organization » (support for more -based OS will arrive shortly after the initial launch)

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