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For my fellow french readers, my translation of GNOME Text Editor or « Éditeur de Texte GNOME » is here (42.2) ! Available in Manjaro (thus Arch) and Fedora I guess … the rest of the distros will follow 🤓

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Well friends, I don't always have the choice of OS at work and, under Windows, I can use / NotePad++.

To that end, I made a equivalent to what I did on Geany. Not knowing all the languages, it's quite possible that there are retouching to do (if you like the colors presented below of course) ☺️

Thank you for your feedback / retoots ! 🖖🏼☺️


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Here you are friends, if you want to do something with my cartoon you're more than welcome ! Quote me somewhere of course and ask me before if you plan to make a bunch of money with 🤗

RT very appreciated ! ( cc @inkscape )

The .svg is available on my Gitlab 👇🏼

Find a website that does not work in one browser, but works in another?

So a periodical reminder that such bugs can be reported via the #webcompat project:

This often e.g. applies to sites, which are said to be incompatible in #Firefox or so, even though they work fine if you spoof your user agent.

I would like to step down from maintaining this account. Volunteers to replace me are welcome.

#NextCloud CEO and founder Frank Karlitschek was approached by a #Microsoft lawyer earlier this year to make a deal.

In the meeting, the Microsoft correspondent offered benefits in the form of collaboration and marketing to Nextcloud. For example, they wanted to promote the Nextcloud logo in Microsoft marketing material – if Nextcloud would consider dropping its anti-trust complaint.

Microsoft used to be a company of jerks, liars and cheaters 40 years ago, it remains a company of jerks, liars and cheaters today.

I was going to write a blog post, but this one spells it out just fine. Give it a read, and if you have a machine you can SSH into, give it a shot!

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🏗️ Help needed!

We need someone to consult on "text recognition". , , , etc. Especially the pro's and cons for our specific use-case:

We need a "job or not" recognition-thing that takes a toot, and produces a flag (or score) whether it is a job-posting, a vacancy.

To improve the fediverse job search tool, which now includes false positives. We want to reduce those.

PM us, mail to or reply 👇 if you'd like to help!

Was that CryptoKnitting ? 🤔 « The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool »

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