@huy_ngo Looks like some are more expensive too, I guess without offsetting some of the cost with advertising, it becomes more expensive.

Apocalypse Now didn’t make sense until I read that it’s basically Heart of Darkness in Vietnam.

Wrote a little bit about one of the unsung hero tools I use on a daily basis: danpker.com/posts/tmuxinator/

Just clicked "Read Later" on an article about procrastination.

Trying to increase my movie knowledge. Made a spreadsheet of must watch films (from The Guardian, it was the first search result with a csv). I’ve seen about 10% of them.

@mwt Yeah, I know the cause for this, I just need to get around to fixing it!

@aku That's weird. Are you blocking CSS or anything from Netlify? This is what I see:

Actually kind of blow away by all the positive feedback on my site redesign! For the colours, it's heavily based on: github.com/morhetz/gruvbox

@david It was only ever created for the Microsoft Imagine Cup and wasn't continued afterwards. Although, I still feel like the concept is pretty useful! There's a number of social networks like Facebook which have implemented similar things in recent years.

Completed my site redesign finally, it's not perfect, but I like it. danpker.com

Also, trying to find good IRC servers/channels that aren't just dead or ultra busy

@sotolf I tried this, but it's mostly about not burning too much time.

I've deleted Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc from my phone. This is the only place left.

Site redesign status: Currently learning CSS grid.

Got rid of the yellowy background. Just not sure what styling to have for the links.

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