Do they still make non-smart TVs?

@huy_ngo Looks like some are more expensive too, I guess without offsetting some of the cost with advertising, it becomes more expensive.

@danpker @huy_ngo You can use most smart tvs without the privacy downsides by not hooking them up to the Internet and not using any of the built in applications. Especially on cheaper panels that works fine. More expensive models can have microphones and such built in which could to be taped over as a precaution. Sadly as youve seen, the market flipped and smart tvs tend to be mainstream and cheaper now, so you have to pay more for niche non-smart TVs. If you're buying new at least.

I wanted a non smart tv, but dificult to find, particulary when i want some of the more modern fetures. I just hope not giving it network accseds will be enouth. And that it actauly decids to work without network. Looking at you xbox.
@danpker @huy_ngo

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