Completed my site redesign finally, it's not perfect, but I like it.

@danpker Hey! love the site. I am gonna use that Kindle newspaper idea for myself :). Do you have RSS/Atom feed set up for the blog? I couldn't find it.

@danpker Looks great! Really like the color scheme and avatar.

@danpker Well that was a fascinating read and an hour well spent.

What happened with Refucate? It sounds hella useful, but the only reference to it I could find was on your blog.

@david It was only ever created for the Microsoft Imagine Cup and wasn't continued afterwards. Although, I still feel like the concept is pretty useful! There's a number of social networks like Facebook which have implemented similar things in recent years.

@danpker @kev like others it seems, I too love your colour palette! 🎨

@danpker impressed. I’ve read ur previous posts and the progression is clear. Or we can call it downgression?

No, seriously, I like how simple it’s now.

@danpker It looks great! The only bug I see is the way the nav reflows on mobile.

@mwt Yeah, I know the cause for this, I just need to get around to fixing it!

@danpker I really like it on mobile. Simple, fast, effective. :ac_pride:

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