Size comparison between a ThinkPad X1 Carbon, a M1 MacBook Air, and a HP Dev One.

@picofarad they create bootable thumbdrives so you can replace your OS

@hund on the next screen it asks you to send HP your data

EULA on Linux 

Lame. At least the USB flasher comes pre installed

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@Cambria @kev my MacBook Air is only for doing basic things like writing, email, browsing and streaming so I shouldn't need to plug anything into it. I still have a Linux desktop and a Linux ThinkPad for serious stuff.

@kev Just got mine a few weeks ago. The hardware and battery life are amazing. Hard to believe they are so cheap. I cross shopped mine with a Thinkpad that was $1700.

What model did you go with? I did the 8 core GPU with 8gb of ram and the 512ssd.

@curt I feel like I should’ve known that. I think my old house is in that picture! I used to live right by the PV Mall. I never got over to do Shaw Peak though. Piestewa, Camelback and Tom’s Thumb were my main trails.

Flight Simulator 

@brion now you can fly around the world while you work! Canada-Greenland-Iceland-UK can be done in a Cessna

Flight Simulator 

@brion your mind is gonna be blown when you figure out the autopilot

@murph I’d be shocked if a few of the GNU core utilities don’t turn up. Though I’m sure Microsoft did a better job of hiding it then Google did with Chrome OS.

Looks like the Windows XP source code got leaked. I can't wait to see what kind of horrible code that would never be tolerated in Open Source is lurking in the depths of that abyss.

body horror, no really 

@cwebber DEFINITELY don’t do it right before breakfast. Speaking for a friend...

@WhoNeedszZz I’m not running Variety. I got tired of remapping keys with software and this is one of the few keyboards that lets you configure your layout with switches. Now I don’t have to worry about remapping keys in software and I always have caps lock mapped to function and fn+I,J,K,L mapped to the arrow keys

@kev the case is a Thermaltake V200. The tint on the glass makes it look mirrored. I put a Threadripper 1920x inside and it runs pop!_os like a champ!

@johanv it's running Elementary right now but I use that machine to test distros so I'll probably get bored and change it soon. I run pop!_os on main machines

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