@curt I feel like I should’ve known that. I think my old house is in that picture! I used to live right by the PV Mall. I never got over to do Shaw Peak though. Piestewa, Camelback and Tom’s Thumb were my main trails.

Flight Simulator 

@brion now you can fly around the world while you work! Canada-Greenland-Iceland-UK can be done in a Cessna

Flight Simulator 

@brion your mind is gonna be blown when you figure out the autopilot

@murph I’d be shocked if a few of the GNU core utilities don’t turn up. Though I’m sure Microsoft did a better job of hiding it then Google did with Chrome OS.

Looks like the Windows XP source code got leaked. I can't wait to see what kind of horrible code that would never be tolerated in Open Source is lurking in the depths of that abyss.

Primary rematches 

Yesterday HERA defeated Maxwell (Michelle Agresti) from Wolf 359.

Petra defeated titular psychologist Dr. Bright (Julia Morizawa) from The Bright Sessions in a rematch.

And Jacobi defeated evil nazi scientist Dr. Friedrich von Schlitz (M. John Kennedy) from The Red Panda Adventures. The Mad Monkey might call himself The Red Panda's arch nemises, but von Schlitz is his main international villain.


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#CSS #SVG #Animation
Hello, good Monday, here is a smooth and relaxing summer animation by Jack Watson (@jackwatson05@twitter.com)


Ok, other computer diagnosis was the 2015 MacBook Air which had been running Big Sur beta 3 when it stopped booting the other day.

Even when plugged in and the little magsafe light is on, it doesn't respond at all to pressing the power button. No boot or attempted boot.

I think I'm just going to retire it, it could be a mainboard problem and that's hard to replace for an obsolete machine.

body horror, no really 

@cwebber DEFINITELY don’t do it right before breakfast. Speaking for a friend...

@WhoNeedszZz I’m not running Variety. I got tired of remapping keys with software and this is one of the few keyboards that lets you configure your layout with switches. Now I don’t have to worry about remapping keys in software and I always have caps lock mapped to function and fn+I,J,K,L mapped to the arrow keys

@kev the case is a Thermaltake V200. The tint on the glass makes it look mirrored. I put a Threadripper 1920x inside and it runs pop!_os like a champ!

@johanv it's running Elementary right now but I use that machine to test distros so I'll probably get bored and change it soon. I run pop!_os on main machines

@konrad Thanks for welcoming to fosstodon! I'm excited to meet fellow enthusiasts.


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