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Effective pandemic policy to prevent illness, disability, and death doesn’t need to be restrictions. It can be freedom.

Monthly support checks.
Free tests and masks.
Canceled debt.
Universal healthcare.
Food delivery.
Protection from eviction.
Free utilities.
Housing for all.

Honestly, fuck philanthropists

Anything a philanthropist could possibly give you as a gift

You deserved to take it from them by rights

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Preparing another patch for the swipe-typing keyboard (#wvkbd on #SXMO on the #pinephone)

Any thoughts on the color choice? #postmarketOS @postmarketOS

Hello, folks! The Joy of Coding returns today with Episode 272! Mike's going to be trying to fix some Firefox intermittent test failures and answering some needinfos in Bugzilla. Should be fun! Join us.

Starts at 1PM ET:


whoever made this has captured the spirit of DS9 to a degree that is uncanny


I would like to see statements like this from more institutions and services, please.

"Zulip will not integrate a crypto asset wallet, issue crypto assets, promote NFTs, or otherwise attempt to profit from the crypto asset gold rush."

Chatty 5.0~beta is out!

This is the first Chatty released with integrated MMS support!

The Joy of Coding returns today with Episode 270! Today, I'm going to go through some needinfos, and describe how a patch lands in Firefox from start to finish!

Airs today at 1PM ET:

Open source doesn’t mean that everyone gets to dictate a project’s direction.

"Is #fairphone repairability just marketing ?" ~

Je pense que fairphone a de bonnes intentions, mais ils se buttent à la froide réalité du capitalisme : La réparabilité n'est pas compatible avec notre système économique actuel, puisqu'il faut extraire et produire, extraire et produire. extraire et produire, etc, etc etc ...

Sinon, vous êtes éjectés par la machine! Surtout avec un produit comme un téléphone intelligent ☎️

Je viens de découvrir Cadmus, un petit logiciel pour Linux qui permet de filtrer le son d'arrière plan avec des réseaux de neuneurones, comme le fait Nvidia RTX Voice sous Windows/Mac :

C'est assez bluffant honnêtement ! Si je suis uniquement en train de taper au clavier ou de cliquer avec ma souris, le son est entièrement filtré, et ma voix est correctement entendue sinon (avec les sons de clavier en très bas derrière, mais déjà bien mieux que sans rien)

Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


The Joy of Coding returns with Episode 268! Come join me while I livehack on Firefox! I'm going to be answering some viewer questions and digging into some more needinfos and intermittent failures.

Starts at 1PM ET!

The Joy of Coding returns today with Episode 266! We're going to be looking at a bizarre WebRTC sharing indicator bug on macOS, and maybe looking at some intermittent test failures. There are also some audience questions to answer!

Starts at 1PM ET:

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