That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism #librem5 #phosh

After a week hiatus, The Joy of Coding is BACK with Episode 215! Come one, come all, and join me while I livehack on Firefox, starting at 1PM ET!

Got the camera working in the factorytest image, thanks to megi's patches :D

Great news for all using documents on mobile!

πŸ‘‰ We've just released Collabora Office 🌻 for #Android & #iOS πŸ‘ˆ
You no longer need to compromise on #privacy, can regain #control over your documents.

Read all, get the polished app
#opensource #libreoffice

RT @eff: Congratulations to @mozilla for launching DNS over HTTPS support in Firefox. This is a huge step forward for the security of the I… tweeted by @Firefox

I'm going to be livehacking on Firefox in about an hour and a half! More startup performance stuff, and maybe some Picture-in-Picture bugs. Come join me at 1PM ET!


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