A friend of a friend is in his nineties and has decades of journal docs in WPS format that he can’t open any more now that he’s using Google Docs on a Chromebook. I converted them to HTML using libwpstools, then to doc files using a headless LibreOffice command. Bash enabled me to covert hundreds of files at once. Uploading now. He’s gonna be so happy. And I downloaded all the tools for free. I love the command line and this community. I’m feeling very accomplished this morning.

@danny This is one of many reasons why I do all my documents in plain text. :)

@danny really nice experience. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing.

In case unaware, there is also the option to use GNU/Linux within chromebook; either via crouton extension if old chromebook or directly.

A good story to share, of the power of the GNU/Linux command terminal! :)
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