Question: how do you keep up to date with news, consume news and fine new sources to follow?

Specifically tech, as that’s what I’m interested in, but could be anything really.

@kev Years and years ago, I started consolidating RSS feeds into Google Reader. When it died, I moved into Feedly, and I've been there since. RSS feeds come and go depending on my interests, but I have between 50 and 100 different feeds (I think, there's a lot of them) that I browse through on a regular basis. I'd like to move away from Feedly to something more Libre, but so far I've been too lazy. Every now and again I'll research alternatives, but I have yet to actually make the move.


@mike @kev I have TT-RSS running in a container on an old laptop that I use as a home server. I’ve been using Newsboat (terminal based reader) to connect to it which has a nice filtering system on it for article searches. I use WireGuard so I can reach the server from wherever while protecting it from unauthorized access. I’m just about to experiment with elfeed in emacs, which has similar functionality to Newsboat. You can connect to TT-RSS with it using a separate connector plugin, apparently.

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