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If you do freelance media work, check out this rate-share tool - contribute anonymously to help build a database of rates folx are getting paid out there.


Fun and games with e-ink. I really like the NYT display, moreso even then the faux Mac screen. engineersneedart.com/systemsix

Got my Framework laptop within a week. DIY option is easy to build. Performance is great. Ubuntu 20.04 worked out of the box. I love this little thing so far, it's the bee's knees.

I'm isolated upstairs from the rest of the family because I've got COVID-like symptoms (which at this point are similar to the common cold). But I also managed to fix ActiveSync on the server downstairs without venturing out of the room. During our darkest hours, we sometimes experience our greatest victories.

Wife and I have both become a little chunky over the pandemic. We've decided to get in shape by racing to New York City. It's almost 5k km away. We're each logging our daily distances on our exercise bike. When one of us reaches the target, we're giving ourselves a vacation to Manhattan (assuming the apocalypse is over by then). In the meantime, whoever logs the highest distance each week gets a mammoth foot rub.

Happy holidays Fosstodoners! Here’s wishing you a great festive weekend.

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Great post by Sacha Chua : "Thinking about Emacs community maintenance" : sachachua.com/blog/2021/12/thi

I particularily appreciate the fact that she mentions everyday life constraints.

The post invites others to write more on Emacs as a way to thank her for what she does.

She also suggests that someone could help making a digest of what happens on the emacs-devel@ mailing list - volunteers welcome!

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36 inches is 91 centimeters, when rounded to the nearest integer.

Now, if you sum all divisors of 36 i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36, you also get 91.

What is the next integer number of inches that converted to centimeters (and rounded to the nearest integer) results in a sum of its own divisors?

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No politics intended... 

This is hilarious.....

Wait.... who's on first?


One thing I like about teen #1, who is a board game fanatic, is how he likes to add ambience to whatever game he’s playing by adding relevant music in the background. I’d like to take this to the next level by setting mood lighting and decorating the play space.

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The tech head in me wants to get a foldable phone when I give this old IPhone to my mum in a short while. My conscience wants me to get a Fairphone. My conscience is winning.

I don't distro hop much, but I browser hop. Switched back to Vivaldi after a long time not using it. Forgot how great its tab management is. The webmail beta still has a lot of kinks though, and the rss reader is the feedreader version of banging rocks together. Turned them both off. Shame! Other than that, really nice, smooth browser experience.

Help! I love my self-built Linux PC but there's a problem: the displays sometimes unexpectedly blank when I'm videoconferencing in the browser. I've tried different browsers, unplugging and reconnecting the displays, but nothing works. Can someone advise me on how I can begin to solve this problem? It's crippling to the point where I can't rely on my PC and have to do video meetings on a Mac. I don't know where to begin looking for answers. POP OS, Ryzen chip, AMD Radeon card.

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Apple execs when they mention being "environmentally friendly" because they use recycled aluminum and obviously don't put harmful chemicals in their products...

It’s amazing what a quick apt update and upgrade can do. My Linux box was running like a dog with graphics that stuttered. It was like the GPU didn’t exist. Now it’s back to running smoothly again. I should schedule that as a nightly cron job.

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