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I became a patreon for patreon.com/nanuc/posts because I highly depend on it. Please consider supporting open source projects financially if you like them. This community would not exist without donations.

It's pretty sad when providing four years of security updates is applauded as a bold move. Two years of security updates for mobile devices is what planned obsolescence looks like. techspot.com/news/88712-samsun

I'm just starting to learn about Peertube and trying to figure out which instance to sign up to. Does anyone have recommendations for FOSS/Linux-based instances with friendly communities?

Using Microsoft Teams for document editing is a bit like trying to help a drunk person get home.

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Hey y'all, what are some FOSS or FOSS-adjacent projects in need of some monetary love?

I'm interested in the kinds which tend to push the boundaries, not existing giants like Wikimedia or the FSF.

Boosts welcome
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Deleted my Facebook account today, whoa I did not expect it to be a slightly heavy experience with mixed emotions...not for me but for some of my friends...it felt like I was abandoning them forever...this thing has being a second nature to us to an extent I could not imagine...how deep this app/company has infiltrated our life..wtf...

Anyways, it was a liberating thing to do.

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for anybody that is interested, we're making progress on SimplyNews, we already "support" TheVerge, ItsFoss and DecentralizeToday, there are some last whoops to jump through until I will host an instance :D
thx to @yerinalexey for helping a ton!


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Is there someone here who happens to be knowledge about the swedish law and have maybe 30 minutes to spare for free? I have a couple of hopefully simple questions regarding sub-let.

I usually never ask for this; please boost. It's highly appreciated. Thanks!

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I've been gathering courage to share a project I've been silently working on for 10 years with a few friends. It's music and it's pretty shite honestly, but I thought that this year might be the year I come out of the closet with it.

It's been very quiet these 10 years. I haven't much talked about it, mostly due to being anxious/embarrassed about it. For a reason? Don't know.

Any feedback would be awesome. It's in .


Learning Vim keybindings is tricky, but it’s a breeze compared to learning sight reading on the piano. I can practically feel my neural pathways sputtering and sparking.

This might be the most instructive, in-depth article I ever saw online about sourdough preparation seriouseats.com/2020/08/sourdo

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This is amazing. The Smithsonian Institutions are releasing millions of digital resources, including 2D and 3D scans of many of the items in their collections, under a Creative Commons Zero license.


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To the amusement of my friends and colleagues, I'm really serious about new year resolutions, which I didn't make this year. Typically this is a new set of skills to learn or fitness goals. I've been telling myself I need to get better at networking and network security for YEARS. I think this might be the time. This fits well into my current project of beefing up my home network.

Anyone have any good resources for learning?

I'm using evil mode because I'll never leave Emacs. Org mode is just too powerful. Best tool I ever used in 30 years of writing. But the other tools I use all support vim keys, so it makes sense to keep everything uniform and minimize context switching.

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