A little over four years (four years!) after he passed away, has a new track out. Because only Bowie could. davidbowie.com/blog/2020/2/6/n

How do people share information about the books they've read and discuss them? Do you just do it bilaterally and privately with individuals you know, or do you use some kind of social tool? It would be nice to know what others here have enjoyed reading. I Just went to access my long-unused Goodreads account, but am thinking twice as I'm not a fan of the Amazon ownership and don't particularly want to give them any of my data.

Woot! A couple of months ago I donated to the fabulous project. I mailed them to ask for some stickers. Look what arrived today! Thanks guys.

Has anyone used the Gemini PDA from Planet Computer running Linux, or its big brother the Cosmo Communicator? Both look like oodles of fun, sporting the same gorgeous little keyboard that made the Psion so popular back in the day. planetcom.squarespace.com

Answering my own question for the record - nothing on the Mac that I can see but Toot on iOS provides threading.

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Dear Fediverse: Best self-hosted FOSS combining social bookmarking & document storing ? My next step in my gradual journey away from big tech is a long-overdue Evernote replacement.

Does anyone know of a Mastadon client that runs on a Mac


Mastronaut looks lovely but it's irritating not being able to visualise the thread of the conversation properly.

I just discovered you can't move entire lines up or down in nano, so we've agreed to consciously uncouple, but it's very amicable. Which should I use instead, vi or emacs?

I am loving newsboat. It's a FOSS terminal-based newsreader with a powerful scripting language that you can use to query your news feed. It connects to a self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS feed running in a Docker container. The container is on my Mac and I auto-start and stop it with a bash script, but I'm going to move TTRSS to its own computer soon. I'm a Linux scripting n00b so I'm quite pleased with myself. Way more fun than Feedly! Newsboat: newsboat.org/

Hello Fosstadon. I am a writer, developer, and Mastadon noob. Glad to be here.


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