I do not know who needs to hear this, but PSA: if you have a WordPress blog, you can install this extension to add ActivityPub support to your blog. It makes it possible to have people follow your blog via ActivityPub services such as Mastodon, receive new posts and interact with it.

@danirod i tried this a while ago (years or two maybe?) and struggled with it. It always just dumped the entire post without any formatting or images, despite me asking it not to in the settings.

Has that changed?

@kev It's been a couple of months since I do not follow my own blog to debug the feed, but last time I checked, it worked as expected, but maybe it is because I make use of post formats.

- Standard posts were sent as a link.
- Short notes and status were sent as inline posts/toots.
- If the post has photos, it posts the photos too.

The format for short posts can be configured too in the plugin settings, for instance to show the hashtags, hide the excerpt...

@danirod interesting. Maybe i was doing something wrong then.

I had a similar experience just last week. Posting did not work at all. Im using Mastodon Autopost at the moment but would like to have the functions of ActivityPub. Do you by any chance have a good intro article at hand?

@cweickhmann @danirod I don't, I'm afraid. There is some IndieWeb stuff on my site (just search for IndieWeb) but there's no specific guide to setting up WP with ActivityPub. Because it was always buggy, I never stuck with it.

@cweickhmann @kev @danirod For some reason ActivityPub plugin and Mastodon autopost doesnt work together. When i disabled autoposting ActivityPub plugin work again, not sure why, but i was writing few tutorials about connecting #WordPress to #Fediverse on you naybe find something useful

Hello @danirod
How does this plugin work? I installed it on and what next? Is there any documentation?

@krzysiek Not a lot aside of what you see in the settings page (look for Options > ActivityPub).

Once it's enabled, you should be able to search now for @[your WP user]@[your WP domain] in any Mastodon instance and it should display it as a profile that can be followed. Then the list of followers should be visible at Users > Fediverse in the WordPress admin.

@danirod Woow thanks for the hint :) It works.

Now every new publication will automatically go to this profile?

Is it possible to publish "manually" posts, e.g. about the weather :) or only automatically after publishing a blog article?

@cybeardjm Thanks :) As I understand it, it is not possible to insert a header graphic on a profile page?

@krzysiek sorry don't understand for sure what you mean here...
Check this profile it has both image and header profile, if that's what you mean.
I'd say it depends on the site theme configuration, but not 100% sure

@cybeardjm no problem 😉 When I click on this profile link on mobile it redirect me to this website

I will try on desktop this evening. On my profile I saw only profile image without header image. I didn’t check WordPress profile settings, maybe there is possible to add header image?

@krzysiek you can do a search on "@cybeardjm" on your instance.
I should appear at least 3 times:
- my profile @cybeardjm
- an old dead profile (PP with a hat)
- my 2 blogs, www and amf (same PP, as it is my author profile on the blogs that connects to posts)

@krzysiek my PP on both blogs is in fact the picture that comes through my gravatar image.

@cybeardjm Thank You but look at this screen. This is Your blog profile, right? Your Gravatar is ok, but there isn’t header image. I'm just asking about the image here :)

@krzysiek yeah, that's what I understood and why I pointed to that has a cover/header image.
I'm looking into it... not sure where it comes from ;-)
I use the TwentyTwenty theme on both...

@krzysiek on there's a banner image.
I know what image this is, but can't find (yet) where it's attached ;-)

@krzysiek @krzysiek_x050866z If I click above, I get access to it.
If I search for @krzysiek_x050866z I get no result

@krzysiek OK, will have to investigate where the header comes from, I have no clue yet.
I used it a long time ago (May 2020) on my site in the header with a previous theme, but not anymore.
It might have been "declared" then, in the data around my ActivityPub profile for the blog.

@pfefferle do you have any idea where this banner was added to the data for the profile and how to update it?
Do you want me to open a support request for this Q?

@pfefferle @krzysiek oh thx, that's what I thought.
So I assume it's generated only if the theme uses it, and if a new theme doesn't support it, it's ignored and not updated...

@pfefferle @krzysiek
Theme TwentyTwenty doesn't have the "Appearance > Header" option.
Could eventually add it as a function if desired ;-)

@pfefferle @krzysiek thx a lot, checked an other blog that indeed has "Appearance > Header".

@cybeardjm @pfefferle Thanks :) My theme Kadence doesnt have this setting. I'm going to try adding code snippets to a child theme hoping that it doesn't crash my blog design 😃

@danirod @krzysiek the dev is here @pfefferle just in case...
I use it on 2 blogs and, except from losing the author URL once in a while (check SIte Health) it works fine and formatting usually works (not all kinds)
You can check: for African Music Forum for my main blog

@danirod Does it work on hosted blogs yet? (Uh, not to come across as entitled, just that you seem to be in the know.)

@Sandra I haven't used the operated service for years, but I believe that nowadays you can if you use the premium version, although I'm not sure 🤔

@danirod Just done this few days ago and now writing some tutorials about #WordPress and #Fediverse integrations on @abid There is lot more things coming up in next tutorials...

@danirod long term user here @beko

It has it's quirks but it is an awesome plugin. Just keep in mind it's still BETA.

"Favs" for example never show up.
PMs end up as comments - that may be unexpected.

And some others. For example it breaks the XRAY parser - so if you also do Webmentions you get into a lot of administrative overhead to get your own _out_ because this plugin has to be disabled until the Webmention is processed.

@bekopharm Yeah, it has some quirks. As an example, I tried re-following me again to test that it still works before writting my post, and I think I broke it because it is now "waiting to be approved" instead of instafollowing. 😅

@danirod heh, yeah, stuff like this. I'm also afraid to rename my writing account now xD

@danirod Now I need to search something similar but for Jekyll

@danirod what does this look like from the Mastodon side? Is there a feed you can share?

@chaosexanima Sure, I used to follow myself to debug my feed some time ago and it looked like this.

- Regular posts look looked like links.
- I like WordPress post formats. Asides and statuses looked like expanded toots with hashtags and a permalink.
- Posts with images also included the images. (Although then Mastodon doesn't display an link embed, so it looks slightly confusing at first)

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