Homebrew (<brew.sh/>) removed support for my macOS version, so I cannot download binary packages when I `brew install` or `brew upgrade` something; it always fallback to building the package from source.

It's like suddenly becoming a Gentoo user.


It's like, holy s**t: updating Pandoc used to take a few seconds, now it takes an entire hour because it needs to download and build the sources for the entire GHC Haskell Compiler, just so that it can compile Pandoc from sources.

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==> make install DESTDIR=/private/tmp/gcc-20211217-57630-1epnp3z/gcc-11.2.0/build/../instdir
🍺 /usr/local/Cellar/gcc/11.2.0_3: 2,165 files, 451.9MB, built in 85 minutes 43 seconds

According to the IT department, my new workstation was purchased a few weeks ago but it still is under delivery. Couldn't arrive sooner. 🀞

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