Got FreeBSD installed into one of my PCs during this weekend.

Surprisingly no major hardware issues, everything seems to work just fine.

My only yellow flag seems to be my Logitech C922 HD webcam.

Works fine when plugged in directly into the PC USB port, but not when plugged into my display USB hub.

Surprisingly every other device plugged to the hub works fine; also does the webcam+hub work when connected to Linux, MacOS and Windows; just a FreeBSD thing.

It'll only be used a few hours a week for livestreaming through OBS, so totally not a deal breaker to switch ports whenever I go live.


Now I just have to find some time to finish with all the eye candies... eventually 🙄

Remove the dust from my i3wm config files, polybar, look and feel of terminal, update and push the dotfiles, then of course pull and fix conflicts on my other machines...

What have I done 🤔

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