Dani; known online as danirod. Spain. 27 yo as I write this. Software developer, which means I mostly convert coffee into code.

On the internet, I produce and upload programming videotutorials, and I write open source code.

Interests: low level programming, functional programming, emulators, running, music.

I migrated from my own self-hosted instance at toot.danirod.es to Fosstodon after breaking stuff again. Self-hosting is difficult. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Side conclusion to followers: if you're wondering 'why am I seeing an introductions post in my home if I don't remember following new accounts recently':

I made an account migration before turning off the instance, so connections may have been transfered. Which reminds me that I need to rebuild my following list... 🤔

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