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In my old Mastodon account, I used to put hashtags on almost every toot, so that I could later place them as featured hashtags in my profile. Unfortunately, I haven't done much about that recently. I should change that to make toots easier to file and classify... (This toot intentionally not tagged.)

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I probably do not visit very often Fosstodon, but every time I visit it I find or learn something interesting related to tech or dev, and I like that a lot.

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Dani; known online as danirod. Spain. 27 yo as I write this. Software developer, which means I mostly convert coffee into code.

On the internet, I produce and upload programming videotutorials, and I write open source code.

Interests: low level programming, functional programming, emulators, running, music.

I migrated from my own self-hosted instance at to Fosstodon after breaking stuff again. Self-hosting is difficult. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hello everyone, stock will be available this Friday. Sorry for the delay (caused by logistics + customs clearance during vacation period).

There is a big button on KeePass that says "Export passwords", and there is a (not so big) button in Bitwarden that says "Import passwords".

However, if you use the attachments or attributes feature of KeePass, you have to do that manually, since those do not get exported. And boy did I use them to store 2FA recovery keys and extra secrets a lot, so I had to manually copy every attachment and every attribute.

But at least it is done and it is clean and organized now.

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Yesterday I spent more time than what I probably have should, but at least all my passwords have been migrated from KeePass to BitWarden.

I am using Vaultwarden in my own infrastructure, since owning the database is the only way that I could recommend a cloud based password manager.

At least it's over for manually synchronizing my password vault between two computers, three partitions, a tablet and a phone, all running different operating systems.

The "if you use $distro you are lazy || you don't know s**t || you are a newbie || $mydistro is way better BTW, you have to use $mydistro" is getting rather old, don't you think.

Those sites that don't allow you to add regular 2FA via OTP and instead desire that you download their mobile app: Why.

Hi everyone!
We've got more stock on the way. Including the , as well as the !

Stay tuned for more info.


Looks like a nice and simpler alternative to C++ than Rust. Offers interoperability with C++ by default. Definitely curious to follow its progress, even though it is a Google project.

Also, after reading their README, it seems the 0.1 version of the language spec is not even finished. Why are there some people talking about it as if it was already production ready? Not worth learning until they freeze the spec.

Thunderbird 102 is now available! It's a SERIOUS upgrade loaded with highly-requested features like:

📨 Brand New Address Book
📨 New Spaces Toolbar
📨 Import/Export Wizard
📨 Redesigned Message Header
📨 Beautiful new icons and & color folders

Read more:

Happy #Thunderbird102 release day! 📩 🎉

Just to set expectations, we anticipate rolling out Thunderbird 102 by early evening, Eastern Standard Time. (This means it will be very late for our European friends.)

We'll keep you posted as the day progresses.

has got soooo good in the last couple of versions that I've noticed that it has replaced GIMP for me on almost every task not related to actually editing a raster photo:

Quickly creating a meme to share in a chat, designing the thumbnail of a YouTube video, sketching artwork or wireframing a concept... It is so much easy to do and the results are impressive.

Awesome 🥂

It is unfortunate and interesting at the same time that Thunderbird already has a "rectangular" icon in macOS, whereas in Firefox it is not even expected.

Now, of course you *can* opt-out, by calling the support line. As long as you do it during the support hours. And you listen all the options from the menu. And you wait for an agent because of course there isn't an option for that.

And it takes a couple of days to save the preference, can't be done automatically.

Already been there. They just keep sending me these communications despite they're obviously failing to comply with the opt-out request. 😩


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To be honest, they deserve it a little bit.

Hey, this PSD2 regulation means that you must have a bank app on your phone and notifications turned on, to do a second factor authentication when purchasing online.

So if you already have notifications enabled for this app, you wouldn't mind if we sometimes sent some ads to you. Do you want a ✨savings account✨? Do you want to ✨invest✨?

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The fact that most of the e-mails from my bank are routed by the spam filter to my junk folder makes me chuckle and also worry at the same time.

to enforce two-factor authentication for all users by the end of 2023:

But this should be no big news for you, because you all are already be using wherever it is available… riiiiight? 🙃

YouTube accounts getting hacked, scams about crypto (and pictures of Elon) 

YouTube recently made mandatory to use two factor authentication in order to use the YouTube Studio.

Given that a lot of channels are still being hacked and hijacked to broadcast scams about cryptos and Teslas, I'd dare to say that the policy is not working very well 🤔

Some statistics on what will become NetBSD 10.0 

Performance: Some benchmarks show 3x or more improvement over 9.0 on multi-core systems

Device drivers: 19+ new, 13+ significantly extended, 13+ removed (mostly non-Ethernet wired networking that's fallen out of use!)

Userspace programs: 5+ new, 20+ significantly improved, 1 removed.

Quality assurance: 2000+ new test cases, 2 new kernel sanitizers, several complete kernel-wide audits.

Time: Nearly three years 👍

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