I was too frustrated by today's search engines. Therefore, I created a blog post covering my frustration:

I also tried to add reasons for the frustration and how I try to overcome my frustration.

Maybe you find it an interesting read :)

@daniels have you already discovered the #gemini space? your post sounds like you need to join.

@stereo Definitly, and as you've found out, I'm already on it :)

@stereo I tried to follow you, but for some reason I get "Error: Something went wrong.".

Any suggestion?

@daniels Great post!

Btw have you heard of It's a new search engine accross a hand-curated set of personal sites, which I've been having some luck with.

@alcinnz I've read it somewhere here. I already added my own site. Just like the mentioned blog post, I also forgot about that search engine.

I'll try that engine more often. And I really like that it has facets and allows discovering sited based on topics. I am not forced to actually search <3

@daniels nice post. Can you please change the link to Mastodon to is just one instance of the whole social network not the center of it. As you can see, I'm currently on my own personal instance, would link to me instead? Of course not.

@arh Thank you :) I updated the link. Thanks for the hint.

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