If I care about , which option should I choose? Self hosted , or a provider?

I've heard self hosting email should be very painful. And there are a lot provider who claim they value privacy.

So which provider or software for self hosting do you use and recommend?

I'm not talking about the clients just mail server. Already have a next cloud (webmail) and mail client on my Ubuntu laptop which I would keep.

In case of a provide, I would prefer to use my own domain and email address.

@daniels you'll need a solid sysadmin background. It's easy to make dumb mistakes. You also take responsibility for a system accepting inbound connections from the Internet. One mistake and you're popped.

You must be comfortable editing config files, reading logs, testing and debugging your configs; for the lifetime of the server. Oh, and managing a tight firewall configuration.

Get familiar with postfix and dovecot. And you need a VPS, hosting from a residential IP will not work.

@fedops Yeah I'm more a backend developer and hobby sys admin, so no solid background. A friend of mine is managing the existing server and will try to setup mail hosting. If it doesn't work I'll go with

Also we already own a root server in Germany, so not hosting from home.

@hund Thanks, I'll try self hosting first, and go with if it doesn't work :)

As you already use Their screenshots look like next cloud, can you verify they are using next cloud as web ui? That's also how those additional features are part of an account?

@daniels For self-hosting, there are projects like Freedombone, which have the goal to make it simple to manage.
For the providers, e.g. Disroot,, or coming with Gandi's domain names.
There is also Tutanota, which has it's own advantages and drawbacks.

One thing to note about self-hosting: it is only a viable option if you have reliable (and cheap) enough Internet connection with static IP address(es), power supply, and physically safe place. Or are willing to sacrifice the availability. The skills are a less important factor.

@amiloradovsky thanks, I've should stated that in initial post. A friend of mine and myself already have a root server in Germany, running Ubuntu. Self hosted doesn't mean at home, but on that server.

Maybe I'll use some raspberry pi at home in the future. But for now I'll stick with that server :)

@daniels I would recommend if you want to self-host your email. I tried it on my desktop last month and found it very easy to setup and use.

@edgren Thanks for the recommendation looks promising. As we own a root server, docker should be no big deal ;)
Also the free version looks okay for us.

@daniels I use a rather small-scale
provider to host an email server, among few other things. It runs OpenBSD and a relatively straightforward to set up opensmtpd

@dimpase Thanks, we already have a root server here in germany which runs debian and hosts our websites like gitea, TYPO3, next cloud, etc. We will try to add mail hosting as well. If it doesn't work for us, I'll go with

@daniels I'm self hosting + mail on HC1, running . Yeah, setup is kinda pain, but all local stuff is automated/documentef with so I could re-lauch it on other machine easyer. Lot's of fiddling with DNS entries, add too. Havent set up any spam filtering, no need so far... Biggest issue is that likes to move my first messages to the junk folder by default..? Anyhow, FEELS GOOD communicating with non-google users, like some eshops.

@Talkless Thanks, we will go with self hosting on debian as well. If it turns out to be to complex or time consuiming, I'll switch to

@daniels Selfhosting is a pain for email. All your time will be taken up admin-ing it. Tutanota, protonmail, and a new one, criptext are pretty good. Disroot and are two more.

@topernic That's what I've thought, too. Still my admin will try to self host. If it doesn't work, we will go for

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