wow, look at the rich details of #OpenStreetMap in comparison to #GoogleMaps:
while Gmaps looks like a work with MS paint, OpenStreetMap shows you a full construction plan incl.lifts, ticket vending maching, public telephone, recycling container, rubbish bin and also so many many more shops in the building:

(Train station in Bern, CH)


@3rik which App do you recommend on Android smartphones?

Especially for navigating by feed, bike and public transport.
Would be cool if it features an easy edit interface too. But could also be two distinguished Apps, each for one purpose.

And I don't request routing, I'm able to read maps and find my route :)

@daniels #Osmand is simply the best #OpenStreetMap app for Android and its forks:

Osmand is feature-rich, including navigation, editing, full offline functionality and much more.

You can afaik however only add POIs and not change the map. Therefore you need #Vespucci, but I have no experience with it:

What I also love is #StreetComplete, since it offers a nice gamification for improving OpenStreetMap:

Editing on the go is really not convenient, I usually take a simple note (text, audio or photo) on osmand and edit after I'm back home. Vespucci is great, but has a hard learning curve.

@roptat @3rik thanks. Would only adjust smaller stuff through smartphone anyway. I don't consider a smartphone the proper device for larger changes.

If all you want to do is add a missing node poi, or fix an information on an existing node, osmand has a contribution plugin that works well. Vespucci is very powerful, but I only use it when I don't have a choice. Streetcomplete is also wonderful, but it's limited to the quests it knows about. It's good to contribute data you didn't know could be part of osm ^^. Each tool for its own purposes; I use all three of them.

@roptat @3rik yeah. Was more thinking about fixing smaller issues I encounter. Thanks for the hint. I'll try the plugin :)

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