The #Meta plot thickens! Turns out that #Facebook doesn't actually own the name Meta because it belongs to another company that's currently in stealth mode.

That didn't seem to stop Facebook from publicly announcing the name change and branding, quite the Zuck move. :blobpopcorn:

Meta (the real one) have posted a public letter about this on their front page. I'm linking the Archive copy because the front page will be eventually replaced by an actual website:

Vorta is a fantastic GUI for Borg #Backup. I've heard great things about BB, but it felt too difficult for me to wrap my head around in any reasonable amount of time, so I kept away. Until I found #Vorta, and was able to harness the power of #BorgBackup without spending 2 days in manuals and terminal. I use this for daily incremental backups of all my projects to a separate disk.
Because you can script it I was able to add a nice message box and auto-mount my disk. Cool!

Just watched the Chrome Dev Summit keynote. Reactions and thoughts:

That MDN Docs department Mozilla fired everyone from - Google is effectively in charge of that project now. Funny about that.

Google says the great thing about the web is it's open and decentralised, so you could help by volunteering work on Chromium.

They talked a lot about web apps. IMO they clearly see the web as a cross platform operating system, in their words, "not owned but operated" by them. 1/?

A little hidden, but there is great news for our hosted CI service: We are offering very limited access to our closed alpha.

- starting with a few projects at first
- CI access is provided "as is" and might break at any time
- there is still a long way until public access (finer resource control and abuse protection)

Weil sich um mies bezahlte Projekte auf #freelancer-Plattformen bewerben keinen Spaß macht, hier mal wieder #schamloseEigenwerbung:

Ich biete #Lektorat, Korrekturlesen und #Texten. Schwerpunkte: Nonfiction und akademische Texte (habe schon gearbeitet an: Musikwissenschaft, Philosophie, Kunst, Theologie, feministisch-aktivistischen Texten, Volkswirtschaft), Texte fürs Web mit oder ohne SEO-Anforderungen. Ich freue mich aber auch immer, wenn ich mit was Neuem Erfahrungen sammeln kann!

New blog post: "My love-hate affair with technology"

A lot of this will be familiar ground to folks on Mastodon. But I find it useful occasionally to write about my bizarre tech habits, if for no other reason than to explain to myself why I'm doing what I'm doing.

modern webdesign
- 20% header
- 50% teaser
- 15% footer
- 10% cookie banner
- 5% content
:emergency: do not assume US-ASCII keyboard layouts :emergency:

Devs who are hosting their projects on should allow people to report issues with an alternative way (by email for example).

Because I can't contribute to project I like because I don't want to create an account on a fucking service. I already have an account on @codeberg and it is fine for me. And I think other people have the same problem.

Hey, I've installed some software on my Ubuntu which will show a TUI to restart services after running apt upgrade.

How can I find out the name of that tool? I've installed it some months ago and would like to find docs and recommend it to a friend.

Now something for you #git professionals: I want to reword a few commits in a branch with an interactive rebase. But in the interactive rebase, I want to see the diff in my editor. How to?


Woran erkenne ich eigentlich ob ein #freifunk Netzwerk wirklich als Freifunk Netzwerk betrieben wird und kein Honigtopf ist?

LibreTranslate - “Building the coolest translation software with the friendliest community on earth”

I now use as provider with my custom domain.

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I am looking for solutions to provide auto-generated live-caption by myself (on my scrensharing then) if tools for online calls and meetups don't provide those. But I'm not sure how.

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