E.g. added a whitespace before and after a specific context.

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Maybe someone of you knows a tool that could solve our problem:

We have a large file base tracked with Git. We export those files out of a system.
Furthermore, we use the differences to assert that the system works as expected.

Is there any tool that accepts an expected diff and uses that as assertion?

So I can execute an export, create the expected diff as input, export again and execute a given tool to check the diff works?

The diff needs to be checked for all changed files multiple times.

The value of being nice in a world where Freedom is about the freedom to say "NO" :)

What's your favorite system package manager (e.g. apt/dpkg, yum/rpm, dnf/rpm, pacman, portage, NOT e.g. npm, pip, cargo) and why?

Like, I'm sure, many of you I hate DRM. The attempts by publishers to prevent the files they distribute online from getting copied. (Though this was also been applied to CDs, DVDs, & even VHS)

The way this impacts me personally is through the peer pressure to enjoy popculture, and DRM ensures that peer pressure extends to proprietary software used to play said media which has shown itself to be untrustworthy.

The best way I know to fight is by pushing alternative entertainment... You?

@popey I use mastodon :) Honestly, it's not as crazy as it sounds and allows direct integration into the fediverse. carlschwan.eu/2020/12/29/addin

let's do something fun, I'm thinking of making my own (neo)vim :vim: cheatsheet , would you guys contribute any recommendations of useful things? perhaps this can become a blogpost

Boosts appreciated

LWN-Article about Gemini

Linux Weekly News has a nice writeup about Gemini that might be interesting to read:


#Gemini #LWN

@onepict @neil I've often seen the counter argument to this be "but most people send HTML mail", esp. on HN when the topic of e-mail comes up.

But to this day I've never received a message from a contact (most of whom have nothing to do with tech) that used any feature particular to HTML email. Not even bold or italics.

Of course that's anecdotal but with that experience I'm convinced that the sole purpose of HTML email is spam.

What if Firefox could fetch bookmarks from external websites. That would be awesome since I use LinkAce as my main bookmark service now.

Lastpass or Bitwarden the concept is almost the same. You have to trust them and you are exposing your data to extra riscs by sending them your data.

But do you really need them? Probably not.

Why not Keepass + Syncthing or Myki and sync between your devices?

Phone + Desktop/Laptop + NAS

@daniels I would say less is more :)

When it comes to technology in my apartment I try to keep it simple. Because no, my fridge doesn't need a screen.
I personally don't believe in IoT. Surely it adds comfort. But at what cost. :)

I guess most traffic on internet is no longer made by humans, but by software.

Accesses to my site have increased since I'm sharing them here on mastodon. The huge amount of traffic is actual mastodon. Each instance is accessing the blog post. I guess they try to create the image and headline.

I'm not sure how I should feel. That's actually by design and there is nothing wrong with such traffic in general.

Only the huge amount made me think of the actual impact on electricity usage :/

Thanks to all the contributors to the #Fediverse creating a decentralised network based on #FreeSoftware which I can also use today to say thank you on #ilovefs

A big thank you to the @matrix , the #jitsi , and the @fosdem team for showing with #fosdem2021 how you can make an #onlineconference with over 33000 participants happen, running #FreeSoftware (#OpenSource). #ilovefs #nt

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