"sans-serif" Only - jlelse: jlelse.blog/dev/sans-serif-onl

Why his site now uses whatever the default sans-serif font is.

I don't think we have to discuss whether the web is bloated, it indeed is.

I've tried to not add unnecessary bloat with my website. 100% Cookie and JavaScript free. A small CSS file (still using Bootstrap Framework as base :(, but I'm not a Frontend guy).

I hope more people will try to create a better web. And hopefully I contributed to a better web.

If you find something bloated or broken, please tell me.


Does someone know a Framework that provides as source?

The framework should not provide any CSS Selector as a result, only SCSS Placeholder (sass-lang.com/documentation/st) and selectors using markup.

I don't like the concept of moving inline styles to CSS classes to consume unnecessary bytes. In my opinion this doesn't follow the idea of + CSS.

But I can't find a good framework following this principles.

every software should have an option do disable (or at least reduce) animations.

Well this looks great. quickref.dev/ I'm pumped to see someone playing in the search engine space

I'd like to file a bug report for "the internet":
All my software has become webpages and all my webpages have become mobile apps.

I've joined teams today, for one of our customers. Of course only inside a custome chromium profile. I would not install their software.

It turned out they check the user agent to prevent you from using features like calls or screen sharing. People will not be able to share their screen with you.

Just tell the browser to use Google Chrome user agent and everything works fine.

Welcome back good old IE6 times. I've not missed that crap.

Konkret geht es wohl um diesen Beitrag:
Jitsi Meet: Server-Einstellungen für einen datenschutzfreundlichen Betrieb

Darin werden zwei Stellen im Hinblick auf die Nutzung von Google-Services genannt:
*clientseitig die Android-App aus dem Playstore von Google. Dagegen ist 'die F-Droid-Version komplett ohne Tracker'.
*serverseitig die Verwendung von #STUN - Services von Google. Dieses wurde schon ab- bzw. umgestellt.

Beides scheint mir beherrschbar. Ich hoffe, die Entwickler erkennen die Relevanz. Der Artikel ist noch keinen Monat alt.

Dank für die Info.

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Some examples:
1) Get rid of all unnecessary Javascript
* rebuild all simple brochureware sites as static sites using only HTML/CSS.
* increase the use of native apps to reduce the avoidable transmission of web apps. Generic, multi-account ones implementing open protocols, not branded ones tied to nonfree services.
* get rid of all user tracking and ad serving

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Ich stelle mal wieder fest: CI (continuos integration) mit compile Tests ist wichtig. Das hält runtime Tests allerdings nicht auf.
Daher ermutige ich euch, Entwicklungsversionen von euch wichtigen Softwares zu nutzen. Jeden Bug, den ihr findet und berichtet, ist ein Bug, der nicht im Release ist oder als "known issues" in den Release Notes gelistet werden kann.

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E2E in Matrix - CrossSigning mit Riot

Gestern wurde der Chat-Client #Riot v1.6.0 released und war auch gleich in #Fedora verfügbar.
Besonderes Merkmal: #CrossSigning - bei der so wichtigen Ende-Zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung #E2E muss man nicht mehr jedes Gerät verifizieren, sondern nur noch einmalig den User (welcher seine Geräte vertrauenswürdig verkettet).
Vorher war E2E praktisch unbenutzbar im Alltag.
Seit gestern abend teste ich und bislang sieht es wirklich ganz gut aus, es scheint mir eine deutliche Verbesserung zu sein. Wenn die internen Tests abgeschlossen sind, kommt der Rollout für die Familie. Das wird noch mal eine Herausforderung, denn das muss reibungslos laufen, sonst leidet die Akzeptanz von #Matrix.
Weiter testen...
#E2EE libranet.de/display/0b6b25a8-4


"A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services."


Can someone provide a good tutorial for beginners, about how to patch a package using ?

I've thought it's easy, which is one reason I've started to use it ok my Ubuntu system, beside apt.

As a beginning I just want to patch the configuration of dmenu to match my needs.

There is a lot of documentation, but I can't find a single "How to" which guides you through the whole process.

I've been playing with WordPress this weekend. I'm not too impressed as I can't even find a way to display code blocks with syntax highlighting and line numbers without needing JavaScript.

Some addon for rendering code blocks even had "GDPR compliance" and that it didn't send any data to external servers as a selling point. One add-on even broke the website for me.

I currently find it difficult to like WordPress.

Once more in love with .

When using vim as mergetool for git, the following is very handy:

autocmd BufReadPost *_REMOTE_*,*_LOCAL_*,*_BASE_* setlocal nomodifiable

It disables modifications for all buffers, except the actual file. This way :diffput will work on all three buffers, as vim can only edit the actual file.

I took the paywall off of the Wayland Book:


Enjoy 🎉

What are some less known Free software projects that are interesting, ppl ?

If you're anything like me, you have a USB stick somewhere with the last OS you installed on it. I always wondered why I can't have a single USB stick with multiple ISO files on it.

Now we can: ventoy.net #systools

Props to @gauiis for finding it before me.

Time tracking. Many companies are starting to do it, and there are positives and negatives to doing so.

I gave my thoughts on time tracking employees over at gregoryhammond.ca/blog/do-you-

What are your thoughts on time tracking?

Added mastodon link to my website, to verify it.

Together with a , to ensure it is not removed or adjusted somehow.

Using as CMS, and as testing framework.


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