#Tesla reduces cars range by 130km via remote configuration and demands $4500 to restore the original range.

Isn't it great if you don't own things anymore? Just rent it and everybody will be happy.


Finnaly found some developers here on the TYPO3 Developer Days that were interested on @nixos_org . We've installed and home manager.

They both use Ubuntu and don't like Snaps.
Firefox is the first thing they installed to get rid of Snaps.

Looking forward to exchange experience with them in the future.

"Linus Neumann - Blockchain and web 3.0: kicking the hornet's nest"

"cached content is no longer shared between domains [....]

This means the primary benefit of shared public CDNs is no longer relevant for any modern browsers. [...]

It's best to avoid them wherever possible, primarily by self-hosting your content with a caching reverse-proxy in front, to cheaply and easily build high-performance web applications."

Public CDNs Are Useless and Dangerous - httptoolkit.tech/blog/public-c, written by @pimterry

#WebPerf #WebDev

What is your current opinion on containers?

people say "why is it bad if someone doesnt know what a file is" and then my mom hands me her phone with 64gb of storage and no free space because she keeps downloading things and never deleting them and every time she needs something again she re-downloads it instead of finding it in the file explorer

Campaign to replace ‘AI’ and ‘Machine Learning’ with “Assumptions, Statistics and Software” wherever they are encountered.


I love to share knowledge and gather with other folks.

I guess one can see that.

This photo was taken during last weekend when I joined the NCA (=Never Code Alone) event.

You can watch the session (in German): invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=S

Historical moment:
First federated comment to a gitea instance from another instance:


We are 🤏 close to a fully federated ActivityPub based git platform. All we need is federated PRs and some level of control access to keep bots and trolls away from flooding the comments

I *also* think that maintainers, in general, don't get enough thanks for the work they do, in general. It's tough, usually underfunded, and unappreciated work. And decisions need to be made.

But the better projects encourage their users to learn to be participants, empowered.

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While #GitHub #Copilot doesn't violate free #software licences (see ⬆️), there are plenty of reasons to #GiveUpGithub anyway. Here are a few:

1. Since we're #FOSS developers, our tools should be #FreeSoftware too.
2. Monopolies are never a good idea.
3. By using a walled garden, we're excluding potential contributors.
4. By using #Microsoft products, we're supporting a producer of #tracking malware and an #NSA collaborator.

Instead, we should switch to #Git platforms running @gitea, such as @codeberg. Also, @dachary and others are already working hard on #forge federation in the @forgefriends project.

Read more on the #ForGoodEyesOnly blog: forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

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Git is event-sourced. This is important because once you realize this, you know that whatever stupid things you do, you can recover from it.

It may be hard to find how, but be assured: you can recover from any git-mistake.

This is a worrying trend.

Yes, having these features in our smartphones is convenient, but they shouldn't replace the well-established, smartphone-free options.

I wonder when shops will stop accepting cash. Wait, scratch that. Just last month I was in a Budapest caffe, where the only available means of payment were cards or Android/Apple Pay.

I sincerely hope this is just a lone example.

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I often hear you don't find developers for languages other than for web development.

I personally don't like JavaScript. I have a simple task:

Output current date in format: YYYY-mm-dd
And output tomorrow in the same format.

How would that look like in JavaScript? Show me your answers to proof JavaScript is cool.

PHP example:
$today = new \DateTime();
echo $today->format('Y-m-d');
$tomorrow = $today->modify('+1day');
echo $tomorrow->format('Y-m-d');

Are there torrent archives of Wikipedia that are active? I've been trying to seed some links that I've found but they're all dead. Wikipedia would be valuable to archive in decentralized way if possible.

People say that Bitcoin is wasteful.

But when I look at my backups, node_modules is horrific.

I wouldn't be surprised when a quarter of the worlds' digital storage energy is wasted on node_module directories. Honestly.

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