Hey, I've installed some software on my Ubuntu which will show a TUI to restart services after running apt upgrade.

How can I find out the name of that tool? I've installed it some months ago and would like to find docs and recommend it to a friend.

Now something for you #git professionals: I want to reword a few commits in a branch with an interactive rebase. But in the interactive rebase, I want to see the diff in my editor. How to?


Woran erkenne ich eigentlich ob ein #freifunk Netzwerk wirklich als Freifunk Netzwerk betrieben wird und kein Honigtopf ist?

LibreTranslate - “Building the coolest translation software with the friendliest community on earth” github.com/LibreTranslate

I now use mailbox.org as provider with my custom domain.

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I am looking for solutions to provide auto-generated live-caption by myself (on my scrensharing then) if tools for online calls and meetups don't provide those. But I'm not sure how.

Misinformation About Permissions Policy & FLoC - Seirdy: seirdy.one/2021/04/16/permissi

Yeah, I've set this header. Just please don't badger other webmasters to do so. It'd be more effective to discourage using Chrome.

Does anyone know a good tutorial about how to write CGI scripts for #gemini?

@gcrkrause has kindly mirrored my music to FunkWhale. It's missing some more recent releases, but still - there's a lot of my work available for listening there, on a FOSS, self-hosted platform
#unfa #FunkWhale #Music

@daniels because you do not do anything "continuously". You build your software nightly. If something breaks, you have to check _all_ merges from the day before, possibly hundreds!

Continuously building would be _every_ push to the repository and every PR _before_ it gets merged.

I checked photos from our last Zoo visit. Due to the pandamic we can't visit the zoo right now. Maybe you like the photos.

I've been re-building my blog list (I haven't edited the list in years, just export and import right into my current reader, FreshRSS).

Who are some folks I should subscribe to (RSS only please, I don't use email for this)?

E.g. added a whitespace before and after a specific context.

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Maybe someone of you knows a tool that could solve our problem:

We have a large file base tracked with Git. We export those files out of a system.
Furthermore, we use the differences to assert that the system works as expected.

Is there any tool that accepts an expected diff and uses that as assertion?

So I can execute an export, create the expected diff as input, export again and execute a given tool to check the diff works?

The diff needs to be checked for all changed files multiple times.

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