Which servers do you use on your desktop machines?

I'm looking for a fast and "secure" provider. By secure I mean someone that does not try to trick you or is influenced by some large corporation or government and will does not apply any filtering.

We revamped our "Replace #GitHub" section in our ReverseEagle Developers website!


We added more #git forges and organized the list to make it more user-friendly.

Enjoy our new revamped section!

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Remember the days when you could actually trust a URL? Like, that a string of text could uniquely locate a resource on the web?

Today, if I want to post a link to an image I've found, I must extract the image "URL", copy and paste it into the URL bar in a separate tab just to make sure it actually opens an image, and then paste that link where I need it if and only if the same image appears as what I'd originally wanted.

Web 2.x and its hellspawn are all mistakes. Every single bit of it.

#Usability #NewTabs
"Opening Links in New Browser Windows and Tabs" by @NNgroup@twitter.com Short answer: always open links in the same browser tab or window (especially on mobile) and do some heavy user research to discover if that would actually benefits users.


Seriously, be transparent about pricing instead of forcing me to download the app to discover the price. It's the same level as e-commerce websites who force you to create an account to calculate shipping fees. What else than a bad review and a goodbye do you expect?

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What _was_ your opinion of the Firefox web browser this time a year ago and what _is_ your opinion of it today?

#Poll #FediPoll #Firefox

Another #audio project finished for a client using only #free as in #freedom software. One of the best decisions I did ~two years ago was ditching #protools and my #macbook and instead learning to use #ubuntustudio and #ardour. It's been amazing!

Whenever [specially the electron] people talk about "unused ram is wasted ram"

It's already the OS's job to manage system ram, not your program

Stop assuming your program is the only thing running, yes the machine has 16GB of ram, which should let it run many more programs at once, not two or three bloated program

If you are going to use resources, it has to be for something useful like actually intensive work, not just for backing your badly made framework that is idling most of the time

Hey, geek & #running friends!

Is there a #FOSS tool that reads #GPX and provides an analysis dashboard similar to Garmin Connect/Strava?

I don't care if desktop- or Web based, as long as it's self-hostable.

Or should I write a bunch of pandas/matplotlib scripts for this?

Since Discontinuing Google Analytics and Disqus Comments on my website I've ditched over 30 trackers and 3rd party cookies, and seeing more visits as many users block Google and trackers

At first, I thought something was wrong as I saw so many more visits than I saw with Google Analytics... After digging deeper though I realised its because so many, like myself, block all 3rd party cookies and trackers so these visits just don't show up. Disqus Comments and Google Analytics are both notorious for deep tracking so it was high time I ditched them.
I've switched to using AwStats which just reads the server logs and displays similar information without the use of trackers or 3rd party cookies. AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. The site is a lot cleaner now and I must just still disable StatCounter in the coming days. AwStats does what I need for basic info, so I'll be using it going forward. squeet.me/objects/962c3e103cb6

Sharing a link to your site on . All instances crawl the page and identify them self.

Here is the first video, it covers my current setup, together with a blog post containing some links.

The video can be found at the bottom of the post, and on YouTube in case you prefer that: daniel-siepmann.de/unix-setup- / youtube.com/watch?v=9hdiv8YBhy

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I love . Even if I'm not the maintainer, I'm the top user and contributor. The maintainers still welcome my PRs and release after merging.

Even if the user base is very small, I find the extension for very valuable.


A weird web-based project you can contribute to Haphaestus: a form engine that renders HTML webforms to hyperlinks! Including hyperlinks you can use to enter text, select a date, etc!

You can decide whether you want to hand off to my code to actually submit the form, but your code would be responsible for responsible for receiving all the user input from ordinary links.

Haphaestus would run this local webserver when the user selects a form or form input.


The other weird web-based projects you can contribute I've discussed the last few days:

* Haphaestus's homepage/chome - Explore how to help people discover quality webpages, etc without relying on silos. I think this is vital in the context of TV!
* Webpage Debugger - Renders the output of my webpage rendering Haskell functions into HTML my browsers understand via those functions. Could be a great intro to Haskell!

You can test using existing browsers with JS turned off, in any language!


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@Ylfingr the plumber is "an interprocess communication tool" on Plan 9 and related systems, but really it's just xdg-open but kinda better.
You can select some text and send it to the (well, a) plumber service, which matches it against your plumb rules, and decides what to do with it. Usually it opens it with some kind of program.
This means that you can open files, but also have rules for stuff like git commits, so when you plumb one, it gets dumped in diff form somewhere.
It's usually accessible through a menu item or is bound to right-click.


don't design your software to update automatically

don't design your software to force updates

don't design your software to malfunction without updates

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