is now available for testing on our repository!

To install Waydroid on the Arch image for @PINE64 / , open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S waydroid-image
sudo waydroid init -f
sudo systemctl enable waydroid-container --now

Then launch "Waydroid" app from the launcher.

Remember that Waydroid requires a Wayland compositor/UI.


Waydroid container will freeze when Android goes into sleep mode, when that happen you can launch an application to resume.

You can disable this behavior by running these commands in the Terminal.

sudo waydroid shell
/system/bin/setprop persist.waydroid.no_suspend true

@danctnix @PINE64 OMG this is amazing!

I setup #waydroid, installed @fdroidorg , and watched a video via #newpipe . Its fast and very smooth compared to Anbox. With this, I'd say the pinephone is now a transitional device for a technogeek who doesn't mind a little troubleshooting and a few bugs.

A tip, in android display settings, play with the display size to your liking to maximize screen real estate.

A nitpick or 2, putting the android interface into landscape did not work as I expected, perhaps because of this, NewPipe did not offer a fullscreen button.
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