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Upgraded from 8GB to 24GB (8+16)

Now with 24GB, I can finally compile stuffs without things going to swap :D

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Chromium is my new favorite web browser on 馃榿
It's fast, fit the screen and perfect for creating webapp launchers.

There is a strange blurry effect though.

I'm using ungoogled-chromium from the AUR on by @danct12

Unlocking LUKS rootfs on for @PINE64 ...

If you're wondering why it's slow then that's because LUKS container wasn't created on the PinePhone (done on a 6700k for quick testing).

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Hello fellow , l need to ask again: What should my next /#LinuxonMobile video be about?
Is there anything I should look into (again)?

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The eighteenth edition of my weekly collection of @PINE64 and @purism news, , is out!

Phosh 0.5.0, 60 Hz on the PinePhone, PineCone WiFi/BT LE Modules, QWERTY Linux awesomeness and more!

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Latest #ArchLinuxARM with #Phosh for the #PinePhone works surprisingly well, I'd dare to even call it "daily-driver worthy".

In particular power management around the modem has been vastly improved thanks to Megi's work and perhaps most importantly call audio quality is now free of crackling noise with the latest 5.9 kernel.

(pacman -Syu as the first thing after you flash)

Thanks to Danct12, Megi & the PinePhone community for the work they've been doing on the SW.

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PSA: If you are running by @danct12 on your @PINE64 or you are going to need to add a new repository to pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Never
Server =

Today I did some research on the Nintendo 64, I found out that the N64 could support up to 16 MB RAM!

Have anyone tried to get that amount of RAM for homebrew?

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I played with on @danct12鈥檚 on my @PINE64 today. Turning off the internal screen was enough to make it work. (Ignore the dock, it fails to work when a power source is connected.)

ATTENTION: Anyone that uses Arch Linux ARM on their @PINE64 should upgrade their kernel NOW.

This kernel aimed to fix security vulnerability.

To upgrade, open your terminal and run "pacman -Syu".

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