Seems like you can't read Debian wiki if you're behind a VPN.

I know they should block VPNs from editing the pages but block them from reading the page is kind of a weird restriction.

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Posts doesn't stay if your account is deleted or suspended.

But I believe that if your account got suspended, all the posts gets deleted but your username still stays.

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This triggers cryptomining jobs in GitHub Actions that will appear under your repo

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Please check your #GitHub repos for suspicious "Upload Files" PRs ... And report them to GitHub

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I didn't configure much aside from disabling effects that makes the laptop sluggish.

I mostly do web browsing and SSH.

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for @PINE64 / (2021/04/18) has released.

Release Notes + Download:

For existing users, you can get the latest version by simply running `pacman -Syu`.

@LinuxLounge I've switched to it for months. Maybe I should recharge my tablet and work on it again.


I use KMail on my desktop since I use KDE as well and wants it to be integrated with the desktop.

On my tablet, I use Sylpheed, it's lightweight and doesn't consume too much resources for me.

@mcsinyx Anyone using Arch on their PinePhone is in fact using "Huong Tram Linux".

Twitter link ahead 

This is interesting.

An application while looks like a harmless game could indeed be a online casino when launched in some other countries.

My @PINE64 battery after 7 hours of using non-stop!

Looks like you can get more than 10hrs (what they advertised) if your system is configured properly.

BTW, I did not use the prebuilt @ManjaroARM KDE image.

I downloaded the minimal image and install KDE by myself.

@ssafar It's still good to see how far ReactOS has come, despite being a "small" community project.

@ssafar You should press the "Auto Adjust" button on the monitor, that fixes the display cutoff.

Might be offensive to some people. 

This SD card is named "Le cun".

Sounds like a bad word if you say it quickly.

I found this cursed adapter while looking for things I need to buy.

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