Unlocking LUKS rootfs on for @PINE64 ...

If you're wondering why it's slow then that's because LUKS container wasn't created on the PinePhone (done on a 6700k for quick testing).

ATTENTION: Anyone that uses Arch Linux ARM on their @PINE64 should upgrade their kernel NOW.

This kernel aimed to fix security vulnerability.

To upgrade, open your terminal and run "pacman -Syu".

Did the VCONN switches workaround on my v1.0.

This was all done with a screwdriver.

For new @PINE64 users...

Credit to Funeral_Chris for this image, just reposting for public to see. (License is CC0)

New release for on
@PINE64 (20200715) is out:


(it also contains the latest crust firmware for advanced power management)

On existing installations, you can pacman -Syu or update via the store.

If your screen is flickering when you boot the device, don't worry, it'll get stabilized after a few minutes.

It is not a sign of defect, in fact my old Zenfone Go device also does the same thing as well.


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