My @PINE64 battery after 7 hours of using non-stop!

Looks like you can get more than 10hrs (what they advertised) if your system is configured properly.

BTW, I did not use the prebuilt @ManjaroARM KDE image.

I downloaded the minimal image and install KDE by myself.

Might be offensive to some people. 

This SD card is named "Le cun".

Sounds like a bad word if you say it quickly.

I found this cursed adapter while looking for things I need to buy.

I/O activity before and after I moved my OS to an SSD.

Yesterday, I removed the film of the case as well (not all, but at least it's transparent now)

Also, Minecraft Pi and neofetch (cuz cool kids are doing it)

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A week ago, I got my Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB).

I plan to use it to unlock my PineTime flash and use it for other purposes.

The seller was nice to include an official PSU for the same price as the board.

I found this Mastodon gif, looks cute.

Although, poor computer :(

Just received an email about what appears to be "interesting file attachment"

Don't open it.

tried out mate on pbp

seems to run better if you add a proper gpu accelerated compositor

Upgraded from 8GB to 24GB (8+16)

Now with 24GB, I can finally compile stuffs without things going to swap :D

Unlocking LUKS rootfs on for @PINE64 ...

If you're wondering why it's slow then that's because LUKS container wasn't created on the PinePhone (done on a 6700k for quick testing).

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