Seems like I just got hit by the @PINE64 . As well as a keyboard case and a USB-C dock.

@PINE64 The USB-C dock that they included is a bit smaller and shorter.

However, it has the same number of ports (2x USB3, USB-C for charging, HDMI).

Left: Non-Pro dock - Right: Pro dock

@danct12 and @PINE64, is the plug longer now? The one came with the PP is too short to click to it have trouble staying on during docking for me at least.

@danct12 @PINE64 I'm so hopeful that by the time my primary phone dies the #PinePhonePro is a viable daily driver. I just the love feel of it.

@danct12 @PINE64 is anything different with the USB-C dock compared to the dock that shipped with the 3gb/32gb Pinephone?

@jawsh @PINE64 Yep, a bit smaller but also all the USB ports are 3.0.

> Seems like I just got hit by the @PINE64

Damn, I hope it didn't hurt too much, but most importantly, that the PinePhonePro didn't break!


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