@danct12 i have one of these phones but i need to repair the usb port and i’ve been too lazy

@danct12 when i had it working it was great, i used pmos and not maemo tho

@a1ba-nyan @Danct12 me to! both on droid4 and pinephone.

i even have an app for it, but it doesn't work on pinephone yet. i got pp just recently, but i was able to understand the problem now.

@tanakian @danct12 ah, sorry. I just didn't knew Maemo is available on anything than N9xx.

@danct12 I still am sad that my N900 broke. Did not live up to the Nokia name.

Despite some nasty design issue - insufficient RAM for the default setup - it was probably the most useful phone I ever had.

@divVerent Yep, it's very unfortunate.

I'm interested in the PinePhone keyboard addon, hopefully it releases soon!

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