Back in the day when I never know what is a Linux, I saw a video of someone running a Windows XP VM with compiz effects on Linux.

If I was right, it seems to be a GNOME 2 desktop (as it has top/bottom bar)

BTW, the video has "Around The World" by ATC as music.

I have found the video:

It feels weird seeing a video that I have never watched since 10+ years ago!

@danct12 Wobbly windows for the win ;) and that magic lamp effect was also great ;)

@danct12 That jelly window effect would drive me nuts

I enjoyed the video, though, that resolution and that song really make for some nostalgic YouTube viewing.

@danct12 Ubuntu 7.04 was the first Linux distro I ever ran. I had ran a live cd on my home computer, and so when I purchased my first computer for myself, I decided I wanted to run Linux on that machine only. There was a pretty steep discount on PCs back then when they didn't come with an operating system.

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