polkitd no longer segfaults after I commented out a rule, it's not a fix, but rather a workaround.

But at least hey, I can use the brightness slider and now can even connect to my AP!

@danct12 What DE have you got on it at the moment? I want to say phosh, but at the same time I wasn't aware squeakboard had a light theme.

@danct12 Which distro image are you using? All the ones I've been able to try from the PinePhine wiki either can't connect to WiFi or the browser only shows a white screen.

@supernova postmarketOS, I use pmbootstrap to generate a image.

@danct12 Thanks. I haven't been able to get the build working for me yet, I have some missing kernel modules. Maybe because I'm trying to do it on Manjaro?

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