If anyone is looking for a good intro to modern (ish) philosophy, give these Rick Roderick lectures a go. A West Texan fellow, I recently discovered him, only to find out he died in 2002. Beautiful speaker, if a little old-school.

Here's a juicy one to start out - one of his later video lectures on Foucault.

Audio recordings of his lectures available for download here:

@dan Duly bookmarked (given the severe shortcomings of Masto's faves, ie no searchability and not even any means of exporting them). Philosophy's one of several areas I'd love to learn more about, without the assumptions I'm undertaking a formal course of study in the topic.

(See also endocrinology)

@porsupah I find these to be super accessible and relatable for how thought-provoking they are. Will probably serve that purpose well.

@dan Hey! Thank you for sharing! I'll definitively check him/this topic out. :)

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